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To make the most of your and unlock its vast array of functionalities, you first need to ensure that you’re logged in with your Marketplace account. 
If you’re visiting Marketplace from Clockify for the first time, you’ll be automatically logged in.

Signing up for Clockify account  #

If you haven’t signed up for a Clockify account yet, you can explore Clockify’s additional capabilities by creating a Marketplace account.
First you need to create a Clockify account, with which you can subsequently log in to the Marketplace account.
For all your additional logins, navigate to the Manage accounts page.

Keep in mind that your email account must be verified in order to access the Marketplace account.    

Logging in #

To log in to Clockify from the Marketplace, click the Log in with Clockify option and you’ll be redirected to Clockify’s login page. If you’re arriving from the specific region or subdomain, the Marketplace will recognize it and perform an automatic login if your email address is verified.   

Installing add-on #

Once you’ve selected the add-on you wish to install, an Install screen will appear if you’re an admin and already logged in with a compatible product.
For newcomers, after creating your account, you’ll be redirected to this page to log in. Admins, on the other hand, will be redirected to the Log in with Clockify screen where you’ll be guided to create an admin account granting you the power to install add-ons effortlessly.

In case you find yourself not logged in, don’t worry. After clicking the Install button, a screen will remind you to create an account with an admin user role.     

Once logged in to the Clockify, you’ll jump to the Add-on installation screen and the workspaces you’re an admin on. Choose the desired workspace from the dropdown, or add one, if you’d like. After you add a new workspace, you will get to the Manage accounts screen, allowing additional adjustments and subsequent admin privileges for the workspace.

Things to remember: #

  • If your profile has 2FA enabled, all workspaces will be uniformly displayed
  • With 2FA disabled, any workspace requiring 2FA will display a lock icon and remain unavailable until you enable 2FA in your profile settings
  • If an add-on is already installed in a workspace, that workspace will be disabled in the dropdown  
  • For workspaces in specific regions, the add-on may not save data there due to the data protection regulations. This means that Clockify doesn’t have an insight into where add-on data is stored. Add-ons might store data in regions different from the Workspace region.

Troubleshooting #

In the unlikely event of an error occurring during an installation process, an Add-on maintenance screen will appear notifying you that the installation is temporarily unavailable.

We hope this guide makes your journey through the marketplace a breeze! For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team

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