Manage and configure add-ons

After you’ve successfully installed an add-on, you should explore various settings and functionalities available to you in the Add-ons tab within the Workspace settings.

Once an add-on is installed, it will be listed in the Add-ons tab. The settings for each add-on are generally optional and defined by the developer who created it.

Upon clicking the three dots menu next to the add-on, you may be presented with a list of options based on the settings defined during the development process.

Settings (if defined) #

Some add-ons may have specific settings that you can access and modify from here.

Webhooks #

Explore the webhooks sent from Clockify to the particular add-on. Each webhook contains essential details such as the webhook name, the triggering event, and the URL where the webhook sends information.

View on Marketplace #

By selecting this option, you’ll be directed to the Marketplace page where the add-on is published.

Enable/disable #

Installed add-ons are automatically enabled. You can disable an add-on if needed.

Uninstall #

As an admin, you have the authority to uninstall add-ons from your workspace.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to installed add-on and open its menu
2. Choose Uninstall
3. New screen appears, confirming add-on is removed from your workspace
4. Click Uninstall to confirm the action
5. Add-on is disabled and removed from the workspace list in the dropdown and add-ons tab
6. Depending on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, stored data might be lost

Plan changed or not matching #

If the add-on is unresponsive or the plan doesn’t match the add-on’s minimal plan in Clockify, you’ll receive an appropriate response in the app.

Unresponsive #

In case the add-on is unresponsive from the Clockify side, a screen will appear indicating that the app is currently unavailable.

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