Hide time & pages

By default, everyone in your workspace can see all time entries in the workspace.
Hiding time entries from other users in your workspace is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to any of our paid plans.

You can choose if regular users can see:

  • : regular users will be able to see the time entries made by other people on every project
  • Only time on public projects: regular users will be able to see the time entries made by other people on public projects
  • Only their own time: regular users will only be able to see their own entries

You can also choose whether users can access Team Dashboard and if they can access project status tab (so they can track progress and how much of the estimate remains). If users can access status but can’t see billable rates, they’ll only be able to see progress and all amounts will remain hidden.

This setting doesn’t affect project managers. Project managers, even though they’re regular users, can see all tracked time on projects where they have the manager role.

You can learn more about who can do and see what here.

Hide pages #

Additionally, you can hide Projects, Team, and reports pages from Regular users’ side bar.

Hiding pages affects managers differently:

  • Project managers always see Reports and Projects pages
  • Team managers always see Reports page