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Whitelisting CAKE IP addresses and domains

In order to ensure timely and reliable delivery of our emails and make sure that CAKE products operate smoothly and as intended, it may be necessary for you to authorize specific IP addresses and domains associated with our services. 

This article provides instructions on how to whitelist the IP addresses and domains that need to be authorized, with a focus on preventing emails from being marked as spam or junk. 

Whitelisting IP addresses #

To ensure that emails from our system reach your inbox reliably, it is recommended to whitelist the following IP addresses:

Please consult your system administrator or email service provider’s documentation for specific instructions on whitelisting IP addresses. This step will ensure that emails originating from our IP addresses are not treated as spam or junk and are delivered to your inbox.

Authorizing domains #

In addition to whitelisting IP addresses, it is important to authorize the following domains:

clockify.meClockify uses this
pumble.comPumble uses this
plaky.comPlaky uses this
cake.comAll products use this
mail.cake.comAll products use this

By adding these domains to your email service’s authorized sender list, you can enhance the chances of email delivery and prevent false positives in spam filtering.

Addressing spam or junk folder issues #

If you find that our emails are consistently being directed to your spam or junk folder, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your spam or junk folder. Occasionally, legitimate emails may end up in these folders. Ensure that you review your spam or junk folder periodically to locate our emails.
  2. Mark as Not Junk or Not Spam. When you identify an email from us in your spam or junk folder, mark it as Not Junk or Not Spam. This action helps your email service provider’s system learn that our emails are not spam.
  3. Whitelist our domains and IP addresses. Whitelisting the domains and IP addresses mentioned above can significantly reduce the chances of our emails being flagged as spam or junk.
  4. Contact your system administrator. If you are using an enterprise email system, it is recommended to reach out to your system administrator or IT department. They can assist you in whitelisting our domains and IP addresses at the system level, ensuring consistent email delivery.

To optimize email delivery and prevent our emails from being marked as spam or junk, it is important to whitelist the provided IP addresses and authorize the mentioned domains. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you receive our emails promptly, avoiding any delays or missed communications. 

If further assistance is required, please contact our support team for personalized guidance in configuring your email settings.

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