In Clockify, there are two main ways you can add time entries: using a timer or by adding time manually.

Manual mode #

If you forgot to start the timer, or you prefer to fill in all your work hours in one go, use manual mode.

Manual mode is also useful when you want to add past activities/events (e.g. previous week’s day to your timesheet).

Manual mode lets you add time entries one by one, specify start and end times, and date.

  1. Enter manual mode by clicking the list icon in the upper left corner on the Time Tracker page.
  2. Type what you’ve worked on in the “What have you worked on?” box.
  3. Optionally, mark time as billable, select project/task, and add tags.
  4. Set the start and end time.
  5. Change the date if needed, by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the date.
  6. Add the entry by clicking ADD.

If you’re adding a time entry for a different date, it will be added to the appropriate day header (no matter if the date is in the past or the future).

The input format for manual mode #

Clockify follows the hh:mm:ss pattern when you input start and end time.

Clockify also accepts alternative inputs:

  • You can omit the colons (e.g. 0345 will become 03:45/3:45AM).
  • You can also type dot instead of colons (e.g. 9.45 will become 9:45).
  • You can type 1am/1 am, 1pm/1 pm and it will get converted to 01:00/1:00AM and 13:00/1:00PM, respectively.
  • If you type just one or two numbers, they will be treated as hours (e.g. 1 will become 01:00/01:00AM and 13 will become 13:00/1:00PM).
  • If you type three numbers, the first number will become the hour and last two will become minutes (e.g. 130 will become 1:30/1:30AM);

You can control whether you want Clockify to show time in 12-hour or 24-hour format in your User settings.