There are several quick ways you can add time in Clockify:

  • Add time by duration
  • Continuing a timer for a past activity
  • Duplicating data for time entries
  • Enter time in timesheet

Adding time by duration #

Manual mode lets you add time entries by duration. Let’s say you’ve started working 2 hours ago, but you didn’t start the timer. To add past time:

  1. Switch to manual mode
  2. Click on the time (00:00:00)
  3. Type 2h (or 200 or 2:00)
  4. Click ADD to add the time entry

When you type 2h, Clockify will record it as if you have worked for 2 hours and you just finished, meaning, the current time will be used as end time and “the current time – 2h” as the start time.

You can also specify start and end time, and add time manually like this, without having to switch to manual mode.

You can input time in both clock and decimal notation.  For example, to represent 2 hours and 45 minutes worked, you can enter either “2.75” in decimal, or “2:45” in clock notation.

Duration format guide #

  • If you type anything between 1 and 59, it will be interpreted as minutes
  • If you type 60 or 99, it will be interpreted as 1h or 1h39m
  • If you type 123 or 1234, it will be interpreted as 1h23m or 12h34m
  • If you type 1:1 it will be interpreted as 1h1m (1:61 will become 2h01m)
  • If you type 1:1:1, it will be interpreted as 1h1m1s
  • If you type 1h or 30m, it will be interpreted as 1 hour or 30 minutes (but you can’t type both, eg. 1h30m)
  • If you type 0.1, it will be interpreted as 6 minutes (0.2 will become 12m, 1.5 will become 1h30m, 7.2 will become 7h12min)
  • If you type 1.0 or 1,0, it will be interpreted as 1 hour
  • If you type :30, it will be interpreted as 30 minutes
  • If you type .5 or .25, it will be interpreted as 30 minutes or 15 minutes

Continuing and duplicating time entries #

When you continue working on something, you can start a timer for that activity in one click.

To continue a time entry, find the time entry you want to continue recording in your timesheet and click the play icon. Clockify will copy all the info (description, project, billability, and tags) and the timer will start ticking.

You can also duplicate information without starting the timer by clicking the three dots of any time entry and selecting Duplicate.

Enter time in Timesheet #

If you want to add multiple time entries on multiple projects and tasks, the fastest way is to use the Timesheet view.