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Issue: Hosting data on Clockify servers #

Problem: Which servers are used to host Clockify data? #

I’d like to find out more about how is Clockify data hosted.

Solution: #

We use AWS for cloud infrastructure, a US-based company with servers around the world. This ensures the lightning speed of data delivery. This way, no matter where you are, your data loads instantly in Clockify from the server that’s closest to you.

By opting to store data on servers in a specific geographic region instead of using a global server, you can achieve reduced latency and improved app performance. This way, you can access your data faster and have an overall smoother user experience.

Clockify offers the following regional locations: 

  • USA (United States of America)
  • AU (Australia) 
  • EU (Germany)
  • UK (United Kingdom)

This feature is available on PRO and ENTERPRISE subscription plans. 

For more information, check out this article. 

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