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Issue 1: Login page is invalid #

Problem: You can’t log in to your web application because your login page is invalid #

Solution: #

If you’re encountering an issue when logging in to your web application, for example, trying to log in to your account and find a gray page on your screen without the option to enter username and password, try to connect to another network and solve the problem.
If the issue persists, you can try to solve the problem by whitelisting one of the following domains:

Solution: #

You may have already created the account. In that case, you won’t be able to log in with the invitation link anymore. Instead, you need to go to the Login page.  

Also, it can happen that due to the security measures set by the network Administrator, links related to Clockify are prohibited. When the user tries to access Workspace from the invitation link An unhandled low-level error occurred. The application logs may have details message appears in the new tab.

While this problem didn’t originate from our side, there are a few possible workarounds you can apply:

1. Contact the network administrator and ask them to create an exception for our emails/links
2. Manually edit the link and remove the extra part of the URL (see attachment)
3. Suggest users to visit Clockify website and create an account using the same email address that the owner of the workspace used to invite them. After an account is created, advise users to change the workspace to the one they were initially invited to.

Each of these solutions above will resolve the issue.
However, to stop this issue from repeating, you can contact the network Administrator and get permission to access the links from Clockify. In this way, the issue will be resolved permanently. 

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