User roles and permissions

Issue 1: Admin permissions #

Problem: Difference between owner and admin permissions #

Solution: #

There are two types of admins in Clockify:

  • Owner (created workspace)
  • Admin (user with administrative permissions)

Owner vs admin:

  • Only owner can strip user of an admin role, or deactivate another admin
  • Only owner can transfer owner role to another user
  • Only owner can set up SSO
  • Owner cannot be deleted or deactivated from workspace
  • When owner leaves workspace, or deletes account, whole workspace is deleted, forever

There can be only one workspace owner, but the owner role can be transferred to another workspace user at any time. 

Admin can:

  • Give admin rights to other workspace users
  • Assign users to groups
  • Invite people to workspace
  • Set users as inactive/active
  • See and define billable rates for workspace and team members
  • See all time entries at all times
  • Edit all time entries
  • See and edit all projects
  • See status of all projects
  • Give and revoke manager rights on all projects
  • Change project visibility and change estimation 
  • Edit workspace settings
  • Edit pending time entries and expenses

Issue 2: Regular user permissions #

Problem: Which actions is Regular user allowed to perform? #

Solution: #

Everyone invited to a workspace is a regular user by default. 

If regular users create a project, they can become project managers, or admins if an admin gives them admin rights. 

Regular users can perform all actions related to public and private projects they’re a member of. 

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