User groups make managing people on projects easier. Instead of adding people to project one by one, you can create a user group and assign it to a project in one click.

You can create, edit, and delete user groups in your Workspace settings.

To assign people to a user group:

  1. Go to the Team page
  2. Click + under Access column (or an existing user group, if that person is already part of some user group)
  3. Add the person to whatever user groups you want to

You can remove a user from a user group the same way as you added them.

Clockify has a special “Admins” user group that can’t be removed. People who are part of that user group have total access to the whole workspace and its settings.

Assigning groups to projects #

User groups make managing people on projects easy. When people change teams or leave the company often, you don’t have to go through each project and remove them – all you have to do is remove them from a user group.

You can add users to user groups on the Team page, and then allocate the user group to a project.

To assign a user group to a project:

  1. Go to a project
  2. Click Team tab
  3. Click “Click members for team…”
  4. Select the user group

Once you assign a user group, everyone that belongs to that group will immediately have access to the project.

You can filter reports by user group. For example, you can make a Developers user group, and use the group as a filter to see only what your developers work on (and later, group the report by User to see the time breakdown for each developer). You can also simply group the Summary report by User Group and see a breakdown for each user group.