Start Clockify timer from within other web tools, like Jira, Trello, Asana, Gitlab, Basecamp, and others.

Simply install the Chrome extension or Firefox extension, and a timer button will appear in your favorite web app’s tasks, to-dos, issues, leads, events, and other places.

Deeper integrations (with project syncing) will be available in the future. So far, deeper integrations are planned for the following apps: Trello, JIRA, Asana, QuickBooks, calendars, and Zapier

Check out our integrations page for the full list of integrations.

Clockify + Trello integration

I get error about missing project when I try to stop timer #

If you have Timesheet enabled, project is automatically a required field. To stop the timer, you’ll have to open your timer and select a project.

Tip: you can set a default project so each time you start a timer, project is selected automatically (you can enable it by opening the extension and go to Settings).

I’m using a self-hosted app of JIRA, Redmine… #

Currently, only cloud apps are supported. We’ll introduce support for custom domains in the future.

Help, I don’t see the button #

If you don’t see the button, first make sure you’re logged-in in the extension. If that doesn’t help, restart the browser.

If you still don’t see the button, send us an email and we’ll look into the problem (this happens sometimes when there are updates to the app).

I’ve developed an integration #

That’s great, thank! Be sure to let us know so we can feature you on our Integrations page.

How can I get my favorite tool added? #

Drop us a line at and tell us about the tool you want supported. If there’s enough people, we’ll add the integration. If not, you can create it yourself once we open source the extension and make the code public.