Jira Time Tracking Integration

Track time on tasks right from Atlassian Jira with just one click. Later, run time reports in Clockify, the most popular free time tracking app.

Atlassian Jira time tracking integration screenshot

How to start tracking time in Jira

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Install Clockify for Jira

Get app for Jira on Atlassian Marketplace. Both Cloud and Server Jira are supported, as well as Jira Service Desk. Once installed, Clockify will show up for all users in your Jira organization when they open some task or issue.

Step 3

Invite employees inside Clockify

Clockify is completely free, no matter how many employees you have.

Invite employees in Clockify
Step 4

Copy API key

Each employee, once they have a Clockify account and join your workspace, has to go to their Profile settings and generate and copy their personal API key.

Copy API key from Clockify
Step 5

Start timer

When a user open some task or issue in Jira, they can paste their personal API key and start the timer for that issue.

When timer starts, Clockify will pick up task, project, and label from Jira, and try to match it with information in Clockify.

If the user has permissions, the integration will create missing project, task, and tag in Clockify.

Invite employees in Clockify
Step 6

Stop timer

You can stop the timer in Jira, or via one of the Clockify apps (browser, mobile, or desktop).

Once the timer is stopped, the entry will be saved in Clockify. If you stop the timer in Jira, a time log will also be created in Jira (which gets added to the "Time Spent" field in Jira, if you have it enabled).

Stop timer
Step 7

Add time manually

Your team can also log hours they've worked manually by switching to manual mode in Jira. Or, they can open Clockify and fill their online timesheet.

Manual time tracking
Step 8

Run reports

Break down data, filter by project and user, and export data in web version.

Web version of Clockify app

More information

For more information on how exactly the integration works, check out our Help article.