Send invoice emails

After creating an invoice you have the option to send it directly from Clockify to your client. 

This feature is available to workspace admins and owners on Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plans.

Send invoice emails from Clockify #

To send an invoice email:

  1. Go to the Invoice tab
  2. Choose the invoice
  3. Click the Send invoice button
  4. Send invoice screen opens with pre filled out info from the invoice
  5. Optionally check the Attach an expense report, Attach invoice as PDF or Send me copy boxes
  6. Click Send to conform the action

 Checking either option sends all expenses included in the invoice to the client in PDF format.

As a result, the email is sent to your client based on the parameters defined in the Invoice settings.

To make sure your information stays safe, we added a PIN code access to your expense report. You’ll get this code in the invoice email. Just use it to open the report. The code expires seven days after the email is sent.

Email templates and configuration #

Choose the corresponding email template which will be sent to your client when you send them an invoice through Clockify.
For projects that require frequent invoicing, email templates can help you keep a consistent format and save time. 

To configure email templates:

  1. Go to Invoice settings
  2. Click the Emails tab
  3. In the Email parameters section, find a list of parameters to include in the email 

Set up email parameters, invoice email template, and reminder email template according to your preferences.

The invoice email template is the actual content of the email and is customizable to suit your needs.
The Reminder email serves as a friendly prompt for overdue invoices.

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