Clockify subscription management

Issue 1: Subscription for multiple workspaces #

Problem: Understanding workspace-specific subscriptions #

Solution: #

1. Subscriptions are tied to individual workspaces, not users

2. Workspaces function as separate data segregators, and subscription payments are distinct

3. Regardless of user roles or membership in other workspaces owned by the same company, subscriptions remain separate

For detailed information on subscriptions, refer to Help Center article.

Issue 2: Combining different subscription plans #

Problem: Unable to combine paid plans in a single workspace #

Solution: #

1. One workspace cannot have a combination of two different paid plans

2. It’s not possible to mix Free and Paid plans within the same workspace

3. Upgrades are based on the total number of active and invited users in a workspace

For comprehensive details on subscription plans and upgrades, consult this Help Center article.

Issue 3: Canceling subscription #

Problem: Canceling the subscription #

Solution: #

To cancel your subscription:

1. Navigate to the Subscription page from the Workspace menu at the top left

2. Scroll down and click Cancel subscription at the bottom right corner

3. Confirm the cancellation

As a result:

  • No further charges will be made
  • You can still download all previous invoices
  • Extra features remain accessible until the end of the paid period
  • After the paid period, you’ll be downgraded to the Free plan


  • Upgrading or downgrading doesn’t affect data; it only impacts access to extra features
  • Data is retained indefinitely unless you choose to delete the workspace or your account
  • For additional details on subscriptions, refer to Help Center article

If you encounter persistent issues or have specific questions regarding your subscription, please reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

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