Resolving network and connectivity issues

Issue 1: Experiencing problems with Internet connection or network #

Problem: Your Internet connection is slow and the network is bugging #

Solution: #

Perform one of these steps:

  • Connect to another network with the same device to check if the issue occurs
  • Connect to the same network with a different device (phone, tablet, or another computer) to see if the issue occurs
  • Connect to different network and different device to see if the issue occurs

Issue 2: Unable to connect to Clockify #

Problem: Blank screen on the login page, dashboard, reports   #

Solution: #

Troubleshoot by doing the following:

  • Check which web browser you are currently using. Internet explorer and older versions of Edge are no longer supported and some pages won’t load properly there.
  • Try and clear cache and cookies (from the beginning of time). You can also open Clockify in the incognito window with all the extensions disabled.
  • You are using a VPN. If you are, it might be blocking your access. In this case, you should disable it to access Clockify.
  • You are using a company network. Some companies have a firewall that will block or allow certain websites and this might prevent Clockify from loading.

If they manage to open Clockify from another network (mobile network for example), then a firewall may be blocking Clockify. 

You can also whitelist the following domains:

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