Secure access control for Clockify’s trusted users

Issue: Missing Clockify emails and poor app performance #

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You’re not receiving Clockify’s emails and the app’s performance is poor.

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Whitelisting pages

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss Clockify emails and that Clockify operates smoothly and as intended, you may need to authorize specific IP addresses and domains associated with the Clockify services.
Below are the instructions on how to whitelist the IP addresses and domains that need to be authorized. The focus is on preventing emails from being marked as spam or junk. 

Whitelisting IP addresses

To make sure that emails from our system reach your inbox reliably, you should whitelist these IP addresses:

Please consult your system administrator, or email service provider’s documentation for specific instructions on whitelisting IP addresses. This way you’ll ensure that emails originating from our IP addresses are not treated as spam or junk and are delivered to your inbox.

Authorizing domains

Along with whitelisting the IP addresses, you should also authorize the following domains:

cake.comCAKE products

By adding these domains to your email service authorized sender list, you can enhance the chances of getting our emails and prevent false positives in the spam filtering.

If you need more help, please contact our support team, or check out the Clockify Help center article

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