Workspace invitations

Issue: User cannot join #

Problem: User received the workspace invitation, but cannot join the team #

You received workspace invitation, but cannot join the workspace you were invited to.

Solution: #

The cause of this issue may be in the email used to create user account. The email used to create the account needs to be the same as the email used to invite you to the workspace.

Workspace invitation can be sent only by the Workspace owner, or admin.

If that is the case and the emails are not the same, you can solve the problem in the following way:

  1. Click the Invite again
  2. You’ll be prompted to create new account
  3. Create account using email address used to initially invite you to the workspace

If you already have account:

  1. Log in and hover over Notifications
  2. Navigate to the invitation and accept it

This way, you became a member of that workspace.

To switch to that team’s workspace:

  1. Navigate to your profile
  2. Switch to your team’s workspace


  1. Go to the Workspaces page
  2. Activate your team’s workspace to start tracking time

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