Screenshot Recording App

Capture screenshots as you work on tasks and have the timer running, and later review how your day looked like.

Download Clockify Screenshot Recording App for Windows Download Clockify Screenshot Recording App for Mac OS X
Clockify Screenshot Recording App

How screenshot recording works

Step 1

Admin enables "Capture screenshots"

Once screenshot capturing is enabled in workspace settings, all users in the workspace will receive a notification about it.

Step 2

Download and install screenshot recording app

Screenshots are captured only if you have the screenshot recording app installed and running. Web app, browser extension, and mobile app can't capture screenshots.

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Step 3

Start timer

Select an activity and start the timer from anywhere (web, mobile, extension, or desktop app).

While the timer is running, screenshots will be captured randomly once in every 5-minute period.

Screenshot and time tracking app screenshot
Step 4

Review captured screenshots

You can see all your generated screenshots when you open Clockify web app and go to Activity page.

  • Screenshots are low-resolution and blurred by default for privacy and security reason.
  • You can delete any of your screenshot at any time (just keep in mind that the time between the previous and current screenshot will be subtracted from your timesheet). Screenshot deletion is permanent (there is no undo).
  • Each screenshot is tied to a time entry. If the time entry is deleted, its screenshots are deleted also.
  • Regular team members can see and delete all their personal screenshots, and workspace admins can see and delete everyone's (if an admin deletes a screenshot, there will be no time subtraction).
  • Screenshots older than 7 days are not accesible and are automatically deleted from the system.
Reviewing screenshots
Download Clockify Screenshot Recording App Download Clockify Screenshot Recording App for Mac OS X