Get an accurate look at your workweek

When you start tracking time with Clockify, you'll have real data that shows you exactly where your time goes so you can see improve your productivity.

How to improve productivity with Clockify

When you begin working on something, just type what you're working on and start the timer. When you finish, stop the timer and Clockify will save the time entry.

At the end of the day, you can run a report and get an objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart. And at the end of the month, you'll be able to analyze every week, identify time-drains, and improve efficiency.

Clockify's reports will help you answer:

  • Am I spending too much time on emails?
  • What sort of work takes up most of my time?
  • How can I spend more time on important/profitable tasks?
  • What jobs can I delegate or forego?
  • How much time will a new project take, based on past data?
Objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart
See time breakdown per activity

Improve profitability of your projects

Whether you bill by the hour or charge a flat rate, Clockify can help you see how profitable your projects are and whether you should increase your hourly rate.

How to track profitability with Clockify

First, mark time entries as billable or unbillable, and allocate them to projects. Then, run a report in Clockify that will break down all the time entries by project and client so you can see how profitable your week was.

What often happens when you do client work is that you spend a lot of time on unbillable activities (like phone calls, commute, feedback), which in turn lowers your real hourly rate.

Here's how you can calculate your real hourly rate:

(Billable time + Unbillable time) / How much you got paid

If your real hourly rate is too low, you'll know it's time to either raise your prices or limit the scope of your work. Also, once you know your real hourly rate, you can answer the most important question: “Was that project really worth the hassle?”.

Project status where you can see estimated vs tracked time for each task
Track project progress and compare budgeted vs tracked time

Show clients how much you work

If you can't show your clients where your every minute (and their dollar) went, you'll have trouble gaining their trust. Clockify lets you show your clients a detailed breakdown of all your time so you can bill them easier.

How to report hours to client with Clockify

Mark each time record as billable or non-billable. Then, when the time comes to issue an invoice, simply run a report in Clockify, filter (by time period, project, or billability), and download the results in PDF or Excel.

You can also share and print the report, give it to your accountant, import data into some invoicing software, or send a link to the online report to your client so they can monitor how much you work in real time.

You can export or share the report with your accountant or client
Export a report as PDF and send it clients

Download PDF sample

See where your team spends time

No matter if you have just an assistant or manage a big team, you need to know what your team worked on and how much.

How to manage team with Clockify

Invite your whole team to Clockify so they can log the time they spend on tasks, customers, and internal projects. Unlike other time trackers, Clockify lets you have unlimited users, for free.

As your team tracks time, you can see what they worked on and how much in a report. When the time comes for payroll, just run the report to see how much you need to pay them.

  • See how your team's day looks like and who works on what
  • See who has the most experience with some project
  • See how long it takes to finish tasks and projects
  • See what activities take up the most time
A weekly report that shows you who worked on what and how many hours
See what your team worked on each week