Break down time and costs, and export data.

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Clockify Reports feature
Dashboard feature showing active users and the most tracked project


See breakdown by billable status or project, and view your personal time or your team’s time.

Summary report showing tracked time and earnings per project

Custom Breakdowns

Group time by any dimension you need.

Daily charts for tracked projects


Visualize where the time goes.

Summary report showing estimated and tracked time for projects


Compare estimated vs tracked time.

Summary report showing earnings, costs, and profit

Costs & Profit

Earnings, costs, and profit for each breakdown.

Detailed report showing recorded time entries with all detailed - user, project, duration, amount, and custom fields

Time entry details

See each time entry and all its details.

Bulk edit for multiple entries (e.g. entries with no description)

Bulk edit

Edit entries one by one, or in bulk.

Adding time for others

Add time for others

Add missing time for your team members.

Filtering out entries without a project or a task, or entries that are longer or shorter than needed

Time audit

Find and fix incorrect time entries.

QuickBooks integration - transfering entries

QuickBooks integration

Send all tracked time to QuickBooks.

Weekly report

Users without time

Find people who haven't logged any time.

Exporting reports


Download all the data in CSV, Excel, and PDF.

Report sharing

Shareable link

Share a custom live report via a public link.

Scheduling reports to be received via email

Schedule to email

Receive a custom report each day, week, or month.

Expense report
Scheduled vs Tracked report
Attendance report


Get reports for any time period.

Choosing a date range in reports
Filtering information on reports


Filter data by any dimension and custom field.


Round time up, down, or to nearest X minutes.

Rounding time entries in reports
Time entry and date formats in reports


Control how time is displayed.

Customize PDF export

  • Edit report name
  • Add custom note
  • Choose what to show
  • Add company logo
Customizing reports during export
Custom fields in reports

Custom fields

  • Time Get additional fields for time entries.
  • User Get additional fields for users.


Set billable and cost rates by user and project.

Required fields

Prevent people from adding time that’s missing information.

Lock time

Prevent members from editing their past timesheets.


See your team’s screenshots and GPS locations.


Control who can see and do what in your account.


Submit timesheet for manager approval.


Plan and organize work days for yourself and your team.


Log your weekly activities in less than a minute.


Track project progress by setting estimates and budget.


Create customized invoices and share them with clients.

Audit log

Track all changes users make to time entries.

Import time

Upload a file to import a lot of time entries at once.