Import data from Toggl to Clockify

Transfer projects, clients, tags, and time entries from Toggl to Clockify.

Toggl to Clockify importer

How to import data from Toggl into Clockify

Step 1

Install toggl-to-clockify CLI tool

You can learn more about the tool and contribute to its development on Github.

Step one for importing data from Toggl to Clockify

Note: toggl-to-clockify isn't developed by Clockify. Use at your own discretion.

Step 2

Fill data

You'll need email, Toggl API token, Clockify API token, names of workspaces you want to transfer, and years to include in the transfer.

Step two for importing data from Toggl to Clockify
Step 3

Start transfer

Run the command in your command line to start the transfer.

Step three for importing data from Toggl to Clockify


Before you initialize the transfer, workspace name on both Clockify and Toggl must be the same.

The importer transfers entries for one person.

If you run it multiple times, it will create duplicate entries.

Web version of Toggl to Clockify importer which doesn't require any development skills is under works (ETA: somewhere in February). You can contribute to it here.

Info and support

For more information, visit the toggl-to-clockify Github page, report an issue, or contribute to its development.