Data regions

Instead of using global server, you can store your data exclusively in a specific geographic region, reduce latency, and improve app performance by choosing a specific regional location:

Choose your preferred data region (Global, EU, UK or USA) when creating an account.

If you already use Clockify, please note that your data can be transferred from global to regional server only if you are a self-hosted user.

Regional data hosting is available with PRO and ENTERPRISE plans, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription accordingly.

Also, keep in mind that data transfer can only be done in one direction, from global to regional server.

This feature can only be used with Pro and Enterprise subscription plans. Free trial version is not available.

Regional servers are not supported on a Free plan. Therefore, when subscription ends or is canceled and the paid period ends, you’ll have access to the time you tracked, but you won’t be able to track new time.