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Editing time entries

You can edit any time entry you’ve made directly in your timesheet on the Timer Tracker page.

To change the description, simply click on it and type what you want. You can add up to 3000 characters as a time entry description. All changes are automatically saved.

You can also select or change projects, tasks, billability, tags, start and end times, date, and duration, by clicking what you want to change, and typing the new value.

The person who has created the time entry can edit it any time he or she wants. Admins can edit all time entries (in Detailed report), regardless of who created them.

Delete time entries #

If you want to delete a time entry, click on the three dots on the far right side of the time entry you want to delete, select Delete, and confirm.

If you started a timer by accident, you can click X to cancel the timer.

Bulk edit in Time Tracker #

You can also bulk edit your time entries on the Time tracker page when you click the little edit icon near the total number of hours you tracked that day. Bulk edit will then be enabled for that specific day.

Note: If you use bulk edit to change tags for time entries, their existing tags will be replaced with a new tag. However, you can also use Add to existing and old tags will not be overwritten.

Edit time entries in the Detailed report #

Admins can edit all time entries in the Detailed report. There, you can filter all time entries by whatever criteria you need, and directly edit the results.

Editing time entries in Detailed Report is useful:

  • When you’re cleansing data and want to fix incomplete time entries (like entries that have no description, no associated project, or are missing a tag).
  • If you tracked more billable time than needed and want to “forgive“ some time entries, and mark them as non-billable.

Mark time entries as favorites #

If you work on a lot of projects, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the progress. By marking time entries as favorites (paid feature) you can easily access most commonly used time entries in the Time tracker when tracking time.

For more information on favorite entries, check out this article.

Move time entries to a different workspace #

Use the Import timesheet (paid feature) to move a lot of time entries from one workspace to another:

  1. Go to Detailed report
  2. Choose appropriate date range (and filter the report as needed)
  3. Export the report in CSV
  4. Log in to the other workspace
  5. Go to Settings > Import
  6. Upload the CSV (make sure it’s formatted correctly)
  7. Start the import

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