Detailed report lets you see, export, and edit full details of all the time entries. You can open the Detailed report by hovering over Report in the main Clockify sidebar and clicking Detailed.

Editing time entries #

What makes Detailed report special is that admins can edit and delete time entries others made (regular members can only edit and delete time entries that belong to them).

Editing time entries in the Detailed report is useful when you're cleansing data and want to make sure all time entries are filled correctly. For example, you can use filters to see all time entries that are missing a project or a tag and add them right there.

Exporting Detailed report #

Exporting a Detailed report is useful when you need a file that contains all the details of each time entry (project, client, description, task, user, email, tags, billable status, start date, start time, end date, end time, duration, billable rate, billable amount).

The export is also useful when you need more control over grouping time entries. For example, you can export your time entries in Excel file and then slice and dice data however you want.

Like in any other report, you can use filters, change timeframe, save and share the report, and print and export the results.

Adding time for others in the Detailed report #

If you're an admin, you can add time on your team members' behalf directly from Detailed Reports page with just a few clicks.

Adding time for others is a Premium feature, which you can enable once you upgrade your workspace to Premium.

  1. Hover over Reports on the sidebar and click Detailed
  2. Click Add Time For Others button
  3. Click Users to choose a Team member for whom you would like to add time
  4. Enter the start and end time and pick a date
  5. Click Add

You can also add a description, select a project, add tags, choose if the time entry is billable or not, and add custom fields.