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You can require your employees to enter a personal 4-digit PIN to clock in via a kiosk.

PIN is a paid feature, that you can enable by upgrading your account to any paid plan.

Enabling PIN #

When you create or edit a kiosk, you need to enable the “Requires PIN” checkbox. If you don’t, everyone can select anyone’s profile and clock in for them.

Each kiosk also comes with a Universal PIN that allows you to clock in and out for anyone on the kiosk (except admin).

For example, you can tell this Universal PIN code to a shift manager so they can clock in for others if needed.

Entering PIN #

Each person automatically gets a personal PIN code.

When an employee opens a kiosk, they select their profile, and enter their personal PIN code to clock in.

A person can also enter that kiosk’s Universal PIN code (if you know it), which overrides an employee’s personal PIN code.

You can’t sign into admin’s profile with Universal PIN.

Managing PIN codes #

To see PIN codes for all users on some kiosk:

  1. Go to Kiosks page
  2. Click on three dots next to a kiosk
  3. Click Export Assignees
  4. Open the CSV file to see all kiosk assignees and their PIN codes

To edit someone’s personal PIN code:

  1. Go to Team page
  2. Click on three dots next to a person
  3. Click Edit PIN
  4. Click Generate (or enter PIN code manually)
  5. Click Save

To edit Universal PIN code for some kiosk:

  1. Go to Kiosks page
  2. Click on three dots next to a kiosk
  3. Make sure Requires PIN is enabled
  4. Click Generate or enter custom Universal PIN code
  5. Click Save

Forgot PIN #

If you forgot your PIN, you can click on the Forgot your PIN? link.

Confirm the action and admins will receive an email so they can help you.

PIN code requirements #

  • A regular user can’t have the same PIN code as some admin.
  • Each kiosk has a unique Universal PIN code.
  • An admin can’t have the same PIN code as any Universal PIN code on any kiosk.
  • Any PIN code can’t have the same four digits (e.g. 1111).

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