To delete your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Let us know why you want to delete your account
  3. Type your password to confirm

If you're the owner of the workspace and there are other users in your workspace, you won't able to delete your account until you either:

Once you're not an owner of any workspace anymore, or once you're the only active member in workspace(s) where you are the owner, you can delete your account.

What happens with data #

Clockify stores your data indefinitely until you delete your account.

Once you confirm you want to delete your account:

  • Your account will be deleted immediately
  • All the workspaces (and data in them) where you are the owner will be deleted forever
  • Time entries you’ve made in someone else’s workspace won’t be deleted. They will be preserved under your name until the owner of that workspace deletes the workspace
  • Once you delete the account, there's no undo. If you’d like a backup of all your time entries, you can export them in the Detailed report
  • You won’t receive any more emails from us