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The most popular free job cost tracker. Track work, calculate costs based on hourly rates, and see profit.

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What is Clockify? (8:26)

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How job and cost tracking works

Step 1

Create account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Set up jobs

Create projects, categorize them by clients, and create tasks on projects.

Set up jobs
Step 3

Log work time

Select job, and log time you've spent on it (you can track time as you work on a job using a timer, or log time manually after).

Log job hours in the job tracker
Step 4

Set hourly rates

Set hourly rate for each employee, project, and task, so you can later see amounts, costs, and profit.

Set up hourly rates to calculate job costs
Step 5

Add expenses

Record fixed-fees and other project expenses.

Record additional expenses
Step 6

Run report

Select date range and run a report to see detailed hours, cost, and profit breakdown across activities.

Download PDF samples: SummaryDetailedWeekly

PDF time exports of job costs
Step 7

Set budget

To better control job costs, you can set estimate in time and money on projects and tasks, and later track progress and get alerts.

Control job costs using budget