Zapier Time Tracking Integration

Automate repetitive tasks by connecting Clockify to over 1,400+ apps via Zapier.

Clockify Zapier integration is in testing phase and requires an invite to use. Send us an email at to get an early access.

Zapier Clockify automation

You can automate all sorts of things:

Clockify + Asana

Add new Asana projects to Clockify

Clockify + Asana

Add new Asana tasks to Clockify

Clockify + Google Calendar

Create event in Google Calendar from time tracked in Clockify

Clockify + Google Calendar

Start timer in Clockify when an event in Google Calendar starts

Clockify + Trello

Create Clockify projects from new Trello boards

Clockify + Trello

Start time when you move a card from "To-Do" to "In Progress"

Clockify + Slack

Share new Clockify time entries in Slack

Clockify + Slack

Set Slack status when you start a new time entry in Clockify

Clockify + QuickBooks

Add new QuickBooks customers to Clockify as clients

Clockify + Github

Add new GitHub issues to Clockify as new tasks

Clockify + Gmail

Get a scheduled summary of Clockify time entries delivered to Gmail

Clockify + Google Sheets

Add new Clockify time entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

More ideas...

How it works

Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to integrate more than web apps they use, and automate workflows. Free version is limited to 5 rules (called Zaps) and 100 runs per month.

Step 1

Create account

Make sure you have a Clockify and a Zapier account (both are free)

Step 2

Generate personal API key

Go to your Personal Settings in Clockify and click "Generate" to get your API key.

Step 3

Choose a trigger app

In Zapier, click "Make a zap!", choose a triggering app, authorize access to it, and configure the trigger condition. When something happens in that app, another thing will happen in another app.

Zapier trigger (Asana)
Step 4

Choose action

Click "Add a step", choose "Action/Search", and select the app where you want the change to be reflected.

Zapier action (Clockify)
Step 5

Start the automation

Give your zap a name, turn it ON, and that's it. When the trigger occurs, the corresponding action will be performed.

Available Clockify triggers and actions


  • New Project
  • New Task
  • New Client
  • New Tag
  • New Time Entry
  • New Workspace
  • New Time Entry Started and Running


  • Create Project
  • Create Client
  • Create Tag
  • Start Timer
  • Create Time Entry
  • Create Task
  • Stop Timer


  • Find Tag
  • Find Time Entry
  • Find Task
  • Find Client
  • Find Project
  • Find Running Timer