Zapier Time Tracking Integration

Automate repetitive tasks by connecting Clockify to over 2,900+ apps via Zapier.

Zapier Clockify automation

You can automate all sorts of things:

Clockify + Asana

Add new Asana projects to Clockify

Clockify + Asana

Add new Asana tasks to Clockify

Clockify + Google Calendar

Create event in Google Calendar from time tracked in Clockify

Clockify + Google Calendar

Start timer in Clockify when an event in Google Calendar starts

Clockify + Trello

Create Clockify projects from new Trello boards

Clockify + Trello

Start time when you move a card from "To-Do" to "In Progress"

Clockify + Slack

Share new Clockify time entries in Slack

Clockify + Slack

Set Slack status when you start a new time entry in Clockify

Clockify + QuickBooks

Add new QuickBooks customers to Clockify as clients

Clockify + Github

Add new GitHub issues to Clockify as new tasks

Clockify + Google Sheets

Add new Clockify time entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

More ideas...

How it works

Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to integrate more web apps they use, and automate workflows. Free version is limited to 5 rules (called Zaps) and 100 runs per month.

Step 1

Create accounts

Make sure you have a Clockify and a Zapier account (both are free)

Step 2

Generate personal API key in Clockify

Go to your Profile Settings in Clockify and click "Generate" to get your API key.

Step 3

Choose a trigger app in Zapier

In Zapier, click "Make a zap!", choose a triggering app, authorize access to it, and configure the trigger condition. When something happens in that app, another thing will happen in another app.

Zapier trigger (Asana)
Step 4

Choose action in Zapier

Click "Add a step", choose "Action/Search", and select the app where you want the change to be reflected.

Zapier action (Clockify)
Step 5

Start the automation in Zapier

Give your zap a name, turn it ON, and that's it. When the trigger occurs, the corresponding action will be performed.

Available Clockify triggers and actions


  • New Project
  • New Task
  • New Client
  • New Tag
  • New Timer Started
  • New Time Entry Created
  • New Workspace


  • Create Project
  • Create Client
  • Create Tag
  • Start Timer
  • Create Time Entry
  • Create Task
  • Stop Timer


  • Find Tag
  • Find Time Entry
  • Find Task
  • Find Client
  • Find Project
  • Find Running Timer