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Scheduling, time tracking, communication, and management – all in one place, for free. Try Clockify for office, remote, and on-field teams.

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Over 260,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity
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What is Clockify? (8:26)

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Clockify vs Connecteam

Free plan
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Time clock
Project estimates
GPS tracking$$
Time off$$
Team chat
Web, mobile, desktop
24/7 support

Import data from Connecteam

Transfer all your past tracked time, clients, projects, tags, and team members to Clockify and continue tracking time in the simplest way possible.

Why replace Connecteam with Clockify

Schedule employees with ease

Clockify lets you create schedules easily. Start with adding projects and tasks, see your team’s availability, visualize shifts based on employees’ capacity, and save schedule templates.

Free Connecteam alternative that works everywhere, from web, mobile, and desktop

Team management and communication

You can use Clockify to upload company policies, request and approve time-off requests, and manage vacation days for your employees.

Time off feature in Clockify (screenshot)

With Clockify, you get free access to the team communication and collaboration tool - Pumble. After enabling it, you can send direct or group messages in private or public channels, use emojis and reactions, share files, make calls, and more.

Time tracking on a mobile, kiosk, desktop, web

Whether your employees track time manually via timesheets or use a time clock to mark the start and the end of a shift, all changes will be synced across devices (mobile, web, or desktop).

Use a mobile app to track time from your pocket for on-field tasks. When GPS tracking is used, you can monitor who is on-site and view their location history over the day.

Time clock kiosk feature in Clockify (screenshot)

Productivity targets, reminders & reports

Set time tracking targets, and compare estimated vs actual time you spend on activities. Clockify allows you to set project estimates and budget to see how much progress you made and how much money is spent.

To manage your payroll process quicker, apply different hourly rates to your billable time entries and see how much you earned in reports. Reports can be extracted in PDF, Excel or CSV format, and they can contain all the information you choose to include.

Managing reports in Clockify - free Connecteam alternative

Clockify tutorials

To gain a deeper perspective and understanding of Clockify, see all Clockify tutorials and all 80+ integrations available.

If you need more information, check our customer stories to see how and why freelancers and businesses use Clockify in their day-to-day or book a demo directly with the Clockify team.

How Clockify works

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up

Step 2

Invite your team

Add people as limited members so they can clock in and out via kiosk. Or, add them as full members if they need to access reports or track their time personally via an app.

Invite members
Step 3

Create kiosk

Name your kiosk, assign people to it, and enable PIN sign in.

Create time clock kiosk
Step 4

Open kiosk

You can set up a kiosk on any device by opening the link to it in a browser.

Open time clock kiosk via link
Step 5

Sign in

Select your profile and enter your personal PIN.

Sign in for employess
Step 6

Clock in

Start your work shift with one button.

Sign in for employess
Step 7

Start break

While clocked in, start a break. Later, finish the break to clock in again.

Track breaks
Step 8

Switch jobs

Switch jobs or projects you are working on.

Switching projects
Step 9

Clock out

Finish your shift with one button.

Clock out for employess
Step 10

See activity

See who's currently clocked in, what people worked on, and when was their last activity.

Dashboard with employee activity
Step 11

Schedule work

See who's available, plan who works on what and when, and publish the schedule.

Schedule employees and manage capacity
Step 12

Export report

See attendance by day, who clocked in and when, filter data, and export timesheets for payroll.

Download PDF samples: SummaryDetailedWeekly

Weekly report shows you how much everyone in your team worked and their attendance
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