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Grant tracking and management software with timesheets. Track grant projects, deliverables, and timesheets, and export everything in Excel spreadsheet.

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How to manage and track grants

Step 1

Create Clockify account

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Step 2

Set up grantors and grants

Create a project for each grant, categorize them by grantors, and create a task fro each deliverable.

Set up projects for grant tracking
Step 3

Invite your team

You can invite unlimited number of people, for free.

Step 4

Log time in timesheet

Each team member gets their own timesheet, where they can select the grant and task and enter grant hours.

Employees log their grant work in the timesheet
Step 5

Export reports

Run a report for any time period, customize it so it suits your grantors requirements, and export everything in PDF or Excel.

Download report samples: PDFCSVExcel

PDF timesheet exports
Step 6

Track grant budget

Set time estimates and budget for grants and deliverables, and track resource utilization.

Project status shows you how much money projects earn or cost, and how much time was tracked vs estimated

Perfect for grant tracking

We are a small organization and we can't afford the significant upfront expenses of many of the softwares devoted to grants management. Plus, I looked at quite a few of grant management software vendors, and many of them couldn't export the data in a way that was optimal. We work with 10-15 different grantors and they all have different requirements regarding what we track and document.

Finding a solution that worked for everything was difficult, and Clockify came the closest. The ability to have a timesheet that was set up in the same way as our Excel sheets was a big factor why we went for Clockify.

— Zorah Oppenheimer, District Manager at Clark Conservation District