Handling billable rates

Issue 1: Billable rate not applied #

Problem: Cannot update hourly rate #

You’re trying to update hourly rates by clicking the Currency button, but the amount stays the same.

Solution: #

There are a couple of things that can cause this issue:

  • More specific rates are set
  • You are on a Free plan with the old rate applied
  • You clicked the Currency button too fast and that the app didn’t register the change 

Therefore, to troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Check if all hourly rates are properly set and that there are no more specific rates
  2. Export and send detailed report before and after the change so that you can compare them
  3. If the previous steps don’t help, check this Help Center article on how to update hourly rates
  4. Ask the user on how they do the change
  5. You need to wait for 1-2 seconds before every click on the currency symbol since the system needs to register the change

Issue 2: Billable by default #

Problem: Set billable time by default #

I’d like my tracked time to be billable by default.

Solution: #

In order to do this, you first have to mark each project as billable. 

To do this:

  1. Open a project
  2. Click on a Project Settings tab 
  3. Toggle Billable by default to Yes

Then, each time you choose a project in the Time tracker, time will be marked as billable without you having to mark it as such. You can also hide billable status and sign from regular users in workspace settings so regular users can’t see or change billable status of their time entries.

Also, you can set New projects are by default: Billable in workspace settings so you don’t forget to mark each project as billable.

Issue 3: Hourly rate per client #

Problem: Set hourly rate per client #

Is it possible to set an hourly rate per client?

Solution: #

Clockify doesn’t have a client rate specifically. As a workaround, you can use project template, so once you create new projects for a certain client, the rate gets picked up from the template.

A more specific billable rate overrides a less specific one:

Project’s member rate > Task rate > Project rate > Member rate > Workspace rate

e.g. Let’s say you’re a freelancer and you have a default rate you charge on all projects. You define that rate as your workspace billable rate. Then, you also have a client to whom you charge a different rate. In that case, you can create a project, assign it to the client, and set the desired hourly rate for that project.

Although you can’t set a billable rate per client, you can set a different pricing per client on a project level.

To set different pricing per client at project level:

  1. Create different projects
  2. Assign them to respective clients
  3. Go to Projects and click the project name
  4. Click Settings tab
  5. Set the desired billable rate for each project in Project billable rate section

You can’t assign a custom billable rate for a specific time entry. But, you can use a tag to indicate a special billable rate so you know how much to charge when preparing an invoice.

Issue 4: Hourly and cost rates via webhooks #

Problem: Webhooks not sending hourly and cost rates #

Webhooks are not sending hourly and cost rates.

Solution: #

Webhooks don’t have the option to send hourly and cost rates due to permissions set in the workspace settings, where Who can see hourly rates and amounts can be set to Admins or Anyone. This is something that might be added in the future.
However, there is one important exception since it is possible to send information about Task hourly and cost rates with webhooks. 

Workaround solution would be:

Get information about Project hourly and cost rates, use the endpoint for the Detailed report: POST/{workspaceId}/reports/detailed

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