Three user access levels #

  • Admins, who can see and edit everything
  • Regular users, who mostly track time
  • Project managers, who can see everything on their projects

Note: anyone with a link can see a public saved report, even if they don’t have a Clockify account.

Admins #

There are two types of admins:

  • Owner (the person who created the workspace)
  • Regular admin (anyone who’s added to Admins user group).

The difference between admin and owner:

  • Only the owner can remove people from Admins group.
  • Only the owner can transfer the owner role to someone else.
  • When the owner leaves the workspace (or deletes their account), the whole workspace is deleted, forever.

There can be more than one admin, but there is only one owner. The owner can transfer the owner role to someone else anytime.

Only admins can:

Regular users #

Everyone you invite on a workspace is a regular user by default.

They can become an admin if an existing admin adds them to Admins user group.

Regular users can become a project manager if they create a project (if enabled); or if an admin or an existing project manager gives them manager rights on a project.

Regular users can:

  • When tracking time, select a public project or a private project they are members of
  • Select any tag when tracking time (and create tag, if not disabled)
  • See personal dashboard (and Team Dashboard, if not disabled)
  • See all active and inactive users, and who belongs to what user group
  • Create projects and automatically gain Manager role for that project (if not disabled)
  • See and edit their own time entries (as long as they’re not locked)
  • See other people’s time entries (if not disabled)

Project managers #

Project managers are regular users who have a Manager role on a project. The user who creates a project is automatically the manager of that project.

Manager rights apply only to projects where they have the Manager role. There can be more than one manager on a project.

Project managers can be set and changed in the project’s Team tab.

Managers can:

  • See and edit all details of their projects
  • See and edit tasks
  • Add and remove people to their project, plus give and revoke manager rights
  • See and edit project hourly rates (if “Who can see billable rates: Everyone”)
  • Delete their projects
  • See their project’s status
  • See all tracked time for their projects in reports

Who can see and edit time entries #

Admins can see and edit all time entries at all times.

Everyone else (regular users and project managers) can:

  • See and edit time entries they made
  • See all time entries others made (if not disabled with private time entries)

Who can see what hourly rates #

You can control in your Workspace settings whether hourly rates and earnings are visible to others or not:

  • If you set “Who can see billable rates” to Admins only, regular users and managers won’t see any earnings in reports or hourly rates anywhere
  • If you set “Who can see billable rates” to Everyone, regular users will be able to see earnings for all time entries on public projects and for all time entries they made, and managers will be able to edit hourly rates on their projects

Admins can see and edit all hourly rates (workspace, team member, and project).