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Clockify is the most popular free time and attendance tracker that lets you track employee time-off (like vacations, personal time off, and leaves of absence) in just a few clicks.

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What is Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid Time Off (PTO) includes vacation time, sick leave, personal time, federal holidays, family leave, maternity and paternity leave.

PTO is not required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), but it is officially addressed by some state laws that, as such, override the FLSA in their respective states. In addition, regardless of the FLSA, PTO is often a workplace benefit in most states.

Some state laws such as the ones in California, Florida, and Washington, also recognize safe leave, sometimes paid, for cases of domestic violence and similar instances.

How is PTO accrued and handled

Employers may draw up an official PTO policy that requires the employees to fulfill certain requirements before they can start using PTO. This may be the specific number of hours, days, weeks, or pay periods worked.

In addition, some state policies calculate accrued PTO based on the number of employees in the company or based on employee classification.

State laws also decide how the employees can handle their accrued PTO. The options include using PTO, cashing it out, rolling it over, or forfeiting it.

Employers may also offer unlimited PTO. The employees can then negotiate the exact dates and the number of days they want off with their managers. Additional rules concerning time off requests may apply.

How to stay compliant with PTO Policies

Keep employees up to date with state and company PTO policies

Many states require that employers provide the employees with always accessible documentation detailing the PTO policies relevant to the state, but also to the company. The employees must be made aware of the PTO they can accrue over the year, how they can accrue it, and how they can handle it.

Keep employees up to date with current PTO accrual history and balance

Many states require that employers provide the employees with always accessible documentation showing how many PTO they’ve used up so far, and how many PTO they have left. An efficient way to document and keep track of all employee PTO is by using a timesheet app.

What is Clockify

Clockify is a modern employee timesheet app that works in a browser. Clockify streamlines timesheet collection and time analysis so you no longer have to fill out, scan, and store paper timesheets.

By using Clockify, you no longer have to rely on traditional physical timesheets and time cards, complex timekeeping systems, Excel spreadsheets, or rule-of-thumb estimates.

Clockify is a time tracker that lets you track attendance of your employees and their work hours. It's so simple that people can start using it in less than a minute and track their planned leaves.

In addition to tracking vacations and time off, employees can also track their work hours and overtime. Then, in reports you can see PTO accrual and calculate balance by exporting reports in Excel.

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How vacation and time off management works

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up here for free

Step 2

Set up projects

Create work projects and a project for time-off. You can further specify the nature of time-off using tasks.

Sick leave Personal time off Vacation Business trip Sabbatical Family leave Unpaid leave Bereavement National holiday Personal time Jury day Half-day

Learn how to track PTO and vacations with Clockify
Step 3

Invite your team

You can invite unlimited number of people, for free.

Step 4

Employees log their hours

Each team member gets their own weekly timesheet. There, they can select projects (including time off, vacation, sick leave, etc.) and log their hours. Full time employees can enter 8h for time off, and others 4h or whatever else necessary.

Employees log their attendance and time off like vacation and sick leaves in app or timesheet
Step 5

Need PTO requests?

If you wish people to first apply for PTO, which you then approve, you can create two projects: PTO (Request) and PTO (Approved). The requst project will be public so anyone can log time on it; the approved project will be private so only admin can select it.

Then, all people need to do is log hours for the PTO (Request). When you review time in the Detailed report, just change the project to PTO (Approved).

Step 6

See in reports who took time off and when

Weekly report shows you all logged time, broken down by project and user. Other reports can show you other data, like billable hours, earnings, budgeted hours, etc.

Weekly report shows you time off and project time broken down by employee
Step 7

Export data

You can export all your data from as PDF, Excel, and CSV file, which you can share with others or keep in your archive.

Step 8

Employees can check their PTO balance and accruals themselves

Everyone on your team can run a personal report to see how much time they've spent on vacation and other activities, and see how much time they have left, without having to ask the HR.

Time off and attendance tracking features

Insanely simple

Log in, select activity, and log hours in timesheet.

Unlimited users

The only tracker that’s free no matter how big your team is.

Works everywhere

All time is synced between web and desktop/mobile app.

Extra features

Lock timesheets, add time for others, and more.

Export data

Download all attendance data in PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Hourly rates

Get billable and payroll hours calculated automatically.


Perfect for tracking our employees' hours

"We needed a better way to keep track of everyone's time, attendance, projects, and budgets in one place. Enter, Toggl! It seemed like a dream come true except... you had to pay per month and per person! There was no way our little company could afford that.

As a company just starting to get off the ground, we need every penny we can spare and a good way to track our employees' hours and project investments. Now that Clockify timesheet app is available, I have even higher hopes for our company's success this year."

— Katelyn Salem‎, Video editor at Synema Studios