Time Capacity Planning Software

Manage your team’s capacity and organize who will work on what and for how long. Schedule time in blocks, track it, and export reports.

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What is Clockify? (8:26)

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What is capacity planning software?

Clockify is a capacity planning tool that lets you plan your team's schedules, track time on assignments, and run reports on who worked on what and for how long.

  • Visualize team availability
  • See who's fully booked, who has free hours, and who has overtime
  • Plan and reorganize team assignments
  • Track time and attendance
  • Track progress and time off
  • Analyze and export reports (Excel, PDF)

How capacity planning works

Step 1

Create an account

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Step 2

Set up projects

Create projects and categorize them by clients. Add tasks to projects and assign them to team members.

Set up projects and team for resource planning and management
Step 3

Set project estimates

Set time and budget estimates for projects, and get alerts when you get close to the estimate.

Set up time and budget estimates for a project
Step 4

Set the team's daily working capacity

Invite an unlimited number of people to your Clockify workspace. Set daily working capacity for each team member.

Set team capacity
Step 5

Manage capacity

Add members and assign them to projects based on their daily working capacity. See who has time off, who's available, and who's overbooked.

Schedule employees, plan resources, and manage capacity
Step 6

Create assignments

Assign tasks, add a note about what needs to be done, and make the assignment recurring.

Create assignment
Step 7

Publish assignments

Make schedules public so team members know what to work on and when.

Publish assignment
Step 8

Track time and breaks

Let your team track time on projects using a tracker or by filling out an online timesheet.

Time tracking apps
Step 9

Track progress

Track progress based on estimates and tracked time, and compare estimated vs. tracked time in reports.

Project progress
Step 10

Forecast progress

Use forecasting to predict project progress, reschedule team members, or adjust their daily working capacity.

Forecast progress

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Over 4 milion people use Clockify to track time and improve productivity