140+ Best Freelance Jobs Websites

Finding freelance jobs from home is often difficult, and not because you don't have plenty of options. There are many websites where you can find freelance work, no matter whether you're a developer, designer, writer, translator, tutor, photographer, beginner or experienced freelancer. Here's a detailed overview of the more popular freelance websites.

Best freelance websites by category

To help you decide what websites are best for you to find freelance jobs, here's a detailed overview of the more popular choices.

Freelance sites for general freelance jobs

The following websites have a large marketplace, and, no matter whether you're a developer, designer, marketer, virtual assistant, photographer, versed in furniture assembly, or involved in any other freelance business, you're likely to find something that interests you. The positions include freelance jobs from home, but also some on-location work.

People Per Hour • Upwork • The Muse • FlexJobs • Working Nomads • SolidGigs • Remote • Nexxt • Skip the Drive • Toptal • Remotive • Twine • Authentic Jobs • Linkedin Profinder • AngelList • Virtual Vocations • Guru • goLance • CloudPeeps • Genuine Jobs • ProgrammerMeetDesigner • Monster • Dice • Indeed • ZipRecruiter • OnSite • Krop • SA Creatives • CareerBuilder • Parttimerz • SimplyHired • Freelance Directory • Freelancer • ServiceScape • Workhire • Cult Jobs • Craigslist • Reddit • Europe Language Jobs • Jooble

People Per Hour


Alexa Global Rank: 6,022 • Most users from: India (32%)
Global Rank: 15,106 • Category Rank: 160
Search Volume:135,000/mo • Total Visits: 3.39M
Number of available jobs: 7000+

Peopleperhour is a free-to-join community of freelancers where you can advertise your skills and expertise, and be paid per project or by the hour. Once you get hired and paid for a project, you pay a certain service fee to the website (excluding VAT), depending on the earnings you've made:

Clients post jobs, and if the job fits your profile, you get matched with the client and prompted to set a quote for your work. You can also offer your skills for a fixed price, and be picked by clients directly.

Job categories include Design, Marketing, Social Media, Software Development, Translation, Web Development, Writing, and more.

People Per Hour freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 418 • Most users from: US (32%)
Global Rank: 934 • Category Rank: 23
Search Volume:1,000,000/mo • Total Visits: 35.72M
Number of available jobs: 74,000+

Upwork (formerly oDesk and Elance) has a large pool of clients, but also a large pool of competitive freelancers you need to outbid and outshine in order to get the job.

You fill out your profile, set your hourly rate, and wait for clients to contact you. Or, you browse the job list, bid for jobs you like, and hopefully, get hired for them.

The platform requires you pay a percentage of your earnings per project(<$500 - 20%, $500-1,00 (- 10%), >$10,00 (- 5%)), and the work pool includes web development, mobile development, writing, customer service, marketing, accounting, and anything else you can think of.

Upwork freelance website

The Muse


Alexa Global Rank: 4,406 • Most users from: US (55%)
Global Rank: 10,369 • Category Rank: 454
Search Volume:49,500/mo • Total Visits: 8.19M
Number of available jobs: 160+

The Muse offers a great Work-at-Home section where you can browse remote/flexible jobs or jobs tied to a particular location.

You can browse the list of jobs by desired job level (Internship, Entry, Mid, Senior), desired company size (Small, Medium, Large), Job Keyword, Title, Career, and Location. Once you see a job posting you like, you can save it, read the job's detailed requirements and benefits, and apply directly.

Jobs you can find are various and include admin, design, development, writer, customer support, accounting positions, among others.

The Muse freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 18,137 • Most users from: US (61%)
Global Rank: 29,021 • Category Rank: 298
Search Volume:49,500/mo • Total Visits: 1.80M
Number of available jobs: 1,200+

FlexJobs offers remote, part-time, and freelance jobs in over 50 categories - the jobs are hand-picked by the platform's researchers, so the work you find here is legit.

Apart from an extensive job board, you can also take skills tests (for a subscription fee), and provide proof to potential clients of your expertise in a subject.

Apart from the usual job categories (software development, graphic design, writing, tutoring, administration), you'll also find some rarer positions, such as Bilingual customer support (for example, jobs for Fukienese, Yiddish, Luganda, and Chuukese Interpreters) or Environmental & Green job positions (jobs such as Water Treatment Sales Consultant, Major Gifts Officer).

Working Nomads


Alexa Global Rank: 132,233 • Most users from: US (28%)
Global Rank: 173,609 • Category Rank: 1,504
Search Volume: 3,600/mo • Total Visits: 245k
Number of available jobs: 17,900+

Working Nomads is another free job platform where you can browse through a list of the most recent remote jobs - the jobs are tagged by category and type, and you can browse them by specific keywords, and skill sets.

You can also set up job alerts for specific job categories to be sent directly to your email, either daily or weekly.

Job categories available include development, management, system administration, design, sales, consulting, HR, education, health care and more.



Alexa Global Rank: 521,791 • Most users from: US (31%)
Global Rank: 831,054
Search Volume:0/mo
Number of available jobs: 240+

Solid gigs offer more than just a list of freelance jobs - you also get a chance to join their freelance community and learn from their freelance course library.

Solid gigs actually combine the best jobs from other job boards - the website's team of freelancers goes over various job lists every day and gathers the best they can find. Then, you get an email with their picks every week.

Within this platform, you'll also get interesting freelancing courses and tools covering topics such as sales, client acquisition, pitching, and more. The price for the platform's resources is $2 for the first trial month, and then $19 for every subsequent month.



Alexa Global Rank: 30,897 • Most users from: US (89%)
Global Rank: 12,449 • Category Rank: 133
Search Volume:18,100/mo • Total Visits: 3.57M
Number of available jobs: 1,140,000+

Nexxt promises millions of jobs, hundreds of sites, and thousands of companies - and it seems to deliver on that promise.

Nexxt serves as an excellent job portal that leads to other Focus career sites - once you select a Focus parameter, you're immediately sent to the corresponding websites where you can browse more specific job boards. The parameters include:

You can also enter your job title and other keywords, specify your location, and search for the corresponding jobs on the website's main page, or set up email notifications for types of jobs you're interested in.

Skip the Drive


Alexa Global Rank: 345,935 • Most users from: US (46%)
Global Rank: 340,215 • Category Rank: 3,078
Search Volume:1,300/mo • Total Visits: 62.04K
Number of available jobs: 700 remote jobs

Skip the Drive is another job platform that covers a broad range of job categories - from Accounting and Consulting, across HR and Marketing, to Project management and Software development.

You'll be able to search the job board through keywords, select a specific job category, or browse through a list of companies offering remote work.

With Skip the Drive, you'll also get a chance to receive email notifications about new jobs matching your searches, and browse through informative resources about working from home.

This platform also offers a direct link to another job platform, Jobs2Career, where you can find 70+ remote jobs more.



Alexa Global Rank: 6,690 • Most users from: US (25%)
Global Rank: 14,371 • Category Rank: 666
Search Volume:49,500/mo • Total Visits: 4.62M

Toptal is a job platform that matches freelancers with start-ups, businesses, and organizations - the job categories covered are software development, graphic design, finances, project management, and product management.

The platform is mainly geared towards clients looking for freelancers, and once you join their network of freelancers, you'll become visible to a number of prospective companies, such as Hewlett Packard, Airbnb, Zendesk, and more.

Toptal freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 189,191 • Most users from: US (31%)
Global Rank: 365,937
Search Volume:2,900/mo • Total Visits: 91k
Number of available jobs: 100,000 remote jobs per month

Remotive offers an extensive selection of remote jobs where freelance professionals from the field of education, engineering, HR, marketing, sales, product, and customer support can find work.

Once you enter a job description, you'll be able to apply to the selected position directly from the website, but also check the Social Media accounts of the company where you want to apply, and view a list of similar jobs.



Alexa Global Rank: 63,481 • Most users from: India (22%)
Global Rank: 160,107

Twine is a freelance marketplace where freelancers are connected to paid projects and ongoing work.

We specialise in the creative and digital sectors and have a global community of over 350,000 freelancers in our database and a high volume of new jobs available to them on a weekly basis.

We're free to post a job ad and you only pay when you hire one of our talented freelancers for your project.

All of their freelancers are vetted before they're allowed onto the platform to ensure we only have people of the highest quality.

They also have to provide a portfolio of work which is verified by us and their profile has public reviews so companies and individuals alike can see what they are like to work with.

Finally, we also protect payment for both the freelancer and the company/individual.

When you hire a freelancer, you are required to pay a deposit which is held in a secure payment system until the freelancer has sent the final project files and they've been approved.

Authentic Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 248,414 • Most users from: US (38%)
Global Rank: 416,130 • Category Rank: 3,018
Search Volume: 1,900/mo • Total Visits: 89.48k
Number of available jobs: 30+

Authentic jobs offer a job board where you can find positions for developers, designers, writers, marketing specialists, and managers - within this website, you can filter the job pool by job types, your skills, location, job level, company type, and type of compensation.

If you don't find what you're looking for, you can create a job alert for a specific keyword, or combination of keywords, and have all jobs matching this criterion be sent to your inbox, as soon as they appear.

Linkedin Profinder


Alexa Global Rank: 25 • Most users from: US (39%)
Global Rank: 26 • Category Rank: 6
Search Volume: 2,900/mo • Total Visits: 917.27M

LinkedIn, being a social network for business professionals, is a great place to find freelance work - and not just through regular networking.

LinkedIn Profinder helps freelance professionals find new leads and clients - you disclose your email address, define the service you're offering, and wait to be notified of clients who are searching for your service. Then, you'll be prompted to contact said clients and send them your proposal for the requested service (these clients will now also be able to access your full LinkedIn profile).

LinkedIn Profinder is more of a facilitator than a regular job platform - once you make a connection with the client via LinkedIn inbox, you'll be able to exchange contact email, phone numbers, or whatever else you need to make arrangements about the project.

LinkedIn freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 3,169 • Most users from: US (45%)
Global Rank: 7,527 • Category Rank: 91
Search Volume: 165,000/mo • Total Visits: 6.51M
Number of available jobs: 105,650+

AngelList is a job marketplace that connects you with startups - you create an account by providing your basic information, uploading a resume, importing your LinkedIn profile, and describing your current role and expertise.

You'll also get a chance to define the type of employment you're looking for, select the size of your prospective company, and specify your desired salary. Later on, your profile will be added to a list of freelancers, where you'll have a chance to get noticed by clients and companies.

You can find work on AngelList if you're an Engineer, Designer, Product Manager, Sales or Operations Specialist, or Marketer.

Virtual Vocations


Alexa Global Rank: 56,373 • Most users from: US (85%)
Global Rank: 81,084 • Category Rank: 801
Search Volume: 2,900/mo • Total Visits: 598.55K
Number of available jobs: 4,300+

Virtual Vocations offers a large number of telecommute jobs in the US you can choose from - the number of available jobs listed here were posted within the last 30 days. To help you streamline your search, you can define a number of available filters:

You can also simply search the job listing by specific keywords, and filter jobs by the relevance they have to your entered keywords.



Alexa Global Rank: 10,107 • Most users from: India (37%)
Global Rank: 37,221 • Category Rank: 378
Search Volume:550,000/mo • Total Visits: 1.21M
Number of available jobs: 1,800+

Guru offers you a job board where you can bid for jobs and send quotes to prospective clients - simply, enter your keywords, and determine whether you want to view the newest jobs, oldest, or those expiring soon.

You can also filter by specific skill category (Programming & Development, Engineering & Architecture, Business & Finance...), Budget type (hourly rate or fixed price), and Location (specific city or country). You can also increase your chances of getting paid properly by selecting to view only jobs who offer a verified payment method.

Guru freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 147,678 • Most users from: Germany (22%)
Global Rank: 400,468 • Category Rank: 3,541
Search Volume: 1,900/mo • Total Visits: 68.10K
Number of available jobs: 200+

goLance is an international job platform that offers a large job base covering various job categories - you'll be able to search the job board by entering your keywords, or select a specific job category.

To speed up the job search process, you can filter by specific parameters, such as payment type, experience level, job duration, and hours per week.

Each job offering on goLance also includes the number of people who have applied for this position so far - so you'll know how many competitors you have at any time.



Alexa Global Rank: 286,008 • Most users from: US (31%)
Global Rank: 737,355 • Category Rank: 22,438
Search Volume:880/mo

CloudPeeps is not your typical job website - it's a freelancer platform for matching clients with professionals for projects and ongoing work, based on the client's requirements. Here, you can mostly find copywriting and marketing jobs.

You, as the freelancer, create a profile and submit a portfolio, and if a client browsing the website's list of freelancers likes what you have to offer, you get contacted.

Alternatively, you send proposals for projects you want to partake in, directly to the client.

CloudPeeps is more strict than other job platforms in terms of who gets to connect with clients, but once your application is accepted, you'll get jobs easier, because of limited competition.

Genuine Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 854,642 • Most users from: India (64%)
Global Rank: 1,804,515 • Category Rank: 9,017
Search Volume:260/mo
Number of available jobs: 2,000+

Genuine Jobs is a classic job board - you get to browse through a list of jobs (listed in order of date posted - the freshest jobs go on top), and then apply to those you like directly from the website.

As per usual, you can search the job offerings by entering your keywords, or submit an email where they can send you freshest job posts that match your keyword searches.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,482 • Most users from: India (74%)
Global Rank: 3,935,438 • Category Rank: 15,515
Search Volume: 20/mo • Number of jobs (partnerships) available: 15+

ProgrammerMeetDesigner is exactly what its name suggests - this website helps programmers and designers find other designers and programmers for partnership work on projects they've been hired to perform.

But, the website is not limited only to programmers and designers - entrepreneurs and writers are also a separate category, so you can indicate whether you're a programmer, designer, entrepreneur, or writer and whether you're looking for a programmer, designer, entrepreneur, or writer to work with.

You can also offer your services on the website's "Find a Job" community blog - write something about your skills and qualifications and provide links to your website or portfolio.

ProgrammerMeetDesigner also offers a direct link to StudentFreelance.com, where students can find opportunities for freelance work.



Alexa Global Rank: 2,522 • Most users from: US (64%)
Global Rank: 2,878 • Category Rank: 31
Search Volume: 2,740,000/mo • Total Visits: 17.66M
Number of available jobs: 1,000,000+

Monster lets you find jobs in the US, connect with employers, and make use of tailored career advice - once you create a free account, you'll get a chance to upload your resume and receive customized job alerts for positions you're looking for.

You'll also be able to browse through job offerings and tips through three search engines - you can search for specific jobs, companies, and even career advice, without even creating an account. If the location of the job is an important factor for you, you can also search the job offerings by US state, city, or city district.

Monster freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 8,513 • Most users from: US (74%)
Global Rank: 11,606 • Category Rank: 124
Search Volume: 14,800/mo • Total Visits: 4.28M
Number of available jobs: 60+

Dice is an easy-to-navigate job platform, where you'll see all listed jobs posted on a board - simply select your desired title, location, company, employment type, and whether you want to be hired directly or via a recruiter.

You'll find work from around the globe (though most work is remote anyway), and either apply immediately (you'll need an account for this) or create a job alert to be sent to you, each time a similar position appears.



Alexa Global Rank: 146 • Most users from: US (51%)
Global Rank: 63 • Category Rank: 1
Search Volume: 30,400,000/mo • Total Visits: 352.17M
Number of available jobs: 767,600+ in a span of 7 days

Indeed is one of the more popular websites for finding freelance jobs - here, you can browse through an extensive list of jobs by entering your desired job title, company, or skill you possess as a keyword, and specifying job location.

You can then sort and filter your selection based on your desired salary, job type, company, and experience level - once again, you can also enter your email address and have jobs you're looking for sent to you directly.

Indeed freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 2,023 • Most users from: US (83%)
Global Rank: 1,439 • Category Rank: 10
Search Volume: 140,000/mo • Total Visits: 30.00M
Number of available jobs: 1,000,000+

ZipRecruiter is a US-based job finding platform for mobile devices - you'll be able to easily apply to the jobs you like through your phone.

You'll also be able to browse through a classic job board - the various jobs are categorized by industry, job type, location (US state and city), and company.

If you don't want to bother with selecting these parameters, you can simply enter your desired job title or other related keywords in the search menu.



Alexa Global Rank: 881,379 • Most users from: UK (52%)
Global Rank: 2,133,324 • Category Rank: 10,171
Search Volume: 40,500/mo

OnSite is an exclusive freelance platform that only accepts the best 5% among its applicants - if you're approved, you'll have a fair chance of finding quality work, considering your competition is scarce.

You'll be able to submit your resume and fill out your profile in a way that shows your skills and qualifications best. Bear in mind that you'll need to have a personal website in order to apply for consideration.



Alexa Global Rank: 238,349 • Most users from: US (44%)
Global Rank: 184,261 • Category Rank: 1,580
Search Volume: 9,900/mo • Total Visits: 199.69K • Number of jobs available: 150+

Krop is a job platform which offers work to professionals in creative fields - job categories include (but are not limited to) development, design, copywriting, and fashion.

You can browse jobs by specific keywords and location, but you can also subscribe to email alerts and receive regular notifications for a specific job category.

SA Creatives


Alexa Global Rank: 1,580 • Most users from: South Africa (84%)
Global Rank: 4,820,460 • Category Rank: 736,360
Search volume: 90/mo
Number of available jobs: 30

SA Creatives is a job platform for freelancers in South Africa who are versed in a creative business, such as 3D and 2D animation, presentation design, digital marketing, content editing, interior design, etc.

Each job has the usual details, including description, info about the company, key responsibilities, desired skills, and qualifications, as well as information about how to apply.



Alexa Global Rank: 4,817 • Most users from: US (82%)
Global Rank: 3,458 • Category Rank: 38
Search Volume: 550,000/mo • Total Visits: 14.49M
Number of available jobs: 300

Career Builder is another classic job board with all the classic job board elements - you can browse through a list of available jobs, speed up your search by entering keywords or location, and refine your search by selecting the right parameters.

By default, most recent job posts are on top of the list, and you'll be able to save jobs you like or email them.

Each job has an indication whether you can apply directly from the website ("CareerBuilder apply"), or you need to go to the company's website to do so. You can also upload your resume in order to have job opportunities matching your qualifications and experience appear as a separate list.

Careerbuilder freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 2,401 • Most users from: Ecuador (27%)
Global Rank: 3,033,655
Search Volume: 0/mo
Number of available jobs: 5

Parttimerz is a job platform with a limited selection of jobs (there are about 90 jobs currently on the website, but most have expired by now) - on occasion, you'll find work if you're a developer, designers, bloggers, admins, data entry specialist, writer…

Clients create profile pages for jobs with the job description and budget - you'll also be able to view how many people applied so far when the job expires, and if you're interested, you can click the "I'm interested" button.



Alexa Global Rank: 8,312 • Most users from: US (71%)
Global Rank: 8,057 • Category Rank: 95
Search Volume: 135,000/mo • Total Visits: 6.01M
Number of available jobs: 1,800,000+

SimplyHired is the ultimate job board - you'll find all possible freelance work here (from game testing to train pushing), in nearly 2,000,000 vacant positions.

To make matters simple, SimplyHired is as straightforward as job boards get - select your desired job type, minimum salary, sort by date or relevance, and then make your pick.

You'll view the description of each job, necessary education and skills, as well as benefits provided and the budgeted hourly rate - then, if what you see suits you, you can click "Apply".

Simplyhired freelance website

Freelance Directory


Alexa Global Rank: 949,489 • Most users from: India (37%)
Global Rank: 1,268,721 • Category Rank: 6,957
Search volume: 140/mo

Freelance Directory is a freelancer marketplace, where you can create an account to join (4 months minimum for £20 + VAT) - you can only apply if you're UK-based, and most of the available jobs are in the creative and media field.

You'll need to disclose your skills, location, and experience, create a full profile with portfolio, in order to become visible to a number of clients browsing the website.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,233 • Most users from: India (23%)
Global Rank: 3,718 • Category Rank: 42
Search Volume: 1,220,000/mo • Total Visits: 10.32M
Number of available jobs: 15,300+

Freelancer is another popular freelancer platform with a bidding system where you can browse an extensive job board - you'll find very specific job opportunities here, such as shoe design and pharmaceutical writing, but also much more.

All jobs show how many people have placed their bids so far (and what the average bid amount is) - once you select a job, you'll see an extensive job description and a place to enter your bid.

You'll also get a chance to participate in reward contests (over 1,200 of them), and enter a list of select top jobs (if you sign up for an account).

Freelancer freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 164,244 • Most users from: US (60%)
Global Rank: 303,194 • Category Rank: 27,971
Search Volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 186.44K

ServiceScape offers job opportunities to editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers - you sign in, create a profile, and you're added to the freelance directory, where clients will be able to see you.

Here, you can also attract clients by setting up projects you think they'll like (either in the form of a free sample, or a paid project) - to facilitate communication between you and the clients, you can use the built-in communication system that allows you to send and receive messages, as well as schedule conference calls.

To apply, you'll need to fill out a form, provide your credentials and define your expertise - the more you say about yourself, the more likely you are to get contacted by clients.



Alexa Global Rank: 70,425 • Most users from: India (89%)
Global Rank: 282,974 • Category Rank: 25,770
Search Volume: 1,900/mo • Total Visits: 118.73K
Number of available jobs: 2,900+

Workhire is a bidding-based job platform aimed at freelancers in India - you get to choose a category (Web Design, Accounting, Medical Writing, Legal, HR jobs...), and then browse the corresponding job board.

The usual search options are available, and each job has a budget already listed - you can place proposals in the form of comments below at the bottom of the job's page, and wait to get contacted by the client.

Cult Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 306,706 • Most users from: Singapore (84%)
Global Rank: 399,439
Search volume: 3,600/mo • Total Visits: 76.65K
Number of available jobs: 800+

Cult Jobs is a job platform for freelancers in Singapore - here, you'll find great Singapore-based job opportunities if you're in the advertising, media, design, or marketing business.

You can search by company, job type, job category, but also enter your email to receive direct job alerts for your keywords.



Alexa Global Rank: 118 • Most users from: US (90%)
Global Rank: 22,093 • Category Rank: 121
Search Volume:165,000/mo • Total Visits: 4.60M
Number of available jobs: 1,000,000

Craigslists often gets a bad reputation, but you can find some great US-based job opportunities if you look into it.

You can apply for the positions of legal assistants, attorneys, cooks, sales representatives, and pretty much anything you can think off - but, bear in mind that the website doesn't hold the client accountable for payments, so do your research on the client before taking on a job.



The forum Reddit, being the meeting point of many professionals, is also a great opportunity for you to land a freelance job - specifically, you can check out the /r/ForHire page, and offer your services (posts labeled as "for Hire") or look for jobs (posts labeled as "Hiring").

There are several rules you need to follow in order to have your posts published:

There are other rules to this Reddit page you need to check out as a freelance before posting, and bear in mind that this board mostly works in your favor - the clients cannot ask for free work (no "work for exposure" jobs), they have to disclose their budget (which cannot be lower than $10/hr), and must be informative about the work they're offering.

This Reddit page is for individual freelancers, and if you're a team of freelancers or agency, check out /r/b2bforhire.

Europe Language Jobs


Europe Language Jobs is a job board that offers various types of language-related freelance jobs across Europe. The selection of positions includes representatives, support specialists, content writers, content moderators, but also software developers and advertising specialists, among others.

You can search the job offerings by position, language required for the position, or keyword. You can also search for jobs based on your preferred language, country, employment type, and experience level in specialized drop-down menus.

Each time you open a drop-down menu, you'll instantly be able to see the number of jobs available for the selected parameter (e.g. German Language: 475 jobs).



Alexa Global Rank: 1,197 • Most users from: Russia (12.5%)
Global Rank: 784 • Category Rank: 2

Jooble is the unique search engine that enables you to search jobs on the major job boards and career sites across the world.

It shows similar job positions together and has detailed filters to help you customize your personal search results and find a desired job. Jooble finds relevant jobs in few seconds and saves your time.

Jooble freelance website

Freelance websites for beginners

If you're just starting out in a freelance business, you'll need some websites that offer entry -level positions and are more lenient when accepting new members - here are some of the best freelance jobs online for beginners, and best freelance websites for beginners, students, and recent graduates.

FreelanceMyWay • XPlace • Damongo • Hirable • We Work Remotely • Truelancer • Freelanced • College Recruiter • Fiverr



Alexa Global Rank: 918,151 • Most users from: India (65,9%)
Global Rank: 3,076,314
Search Volume: 210/mo
Number of available jobs: 5+

FreelanceMyWay offers a bidding-based job board where you can find job categories such as web development, mobile phone development, designing, writing, data entry, admin, SEO, and marketing jobs.

For each job, you'll see the number of people who made bids, as well as the client's budget for the project - once you select a job, you'll also view the specific freelancers who have made their bids. Then, you can submit your own proposal.



Alexa Global Rank: 112,934 • Most users from: Israel (52%)
Global Rank: 233,853 • Category Rank: 1,917
Search Volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 179.00K
Number of available jobs: 2,650+

XPlace is a subscription-based job marketplace where you can find work in 675 categories (from TV & Theatre Work to Engineering).

Once you set up an account and create a profile, you'll be added to access a list of freelancers, categorized by job category.

The number of projects is smaller than the number of freelancers per category, so make sure you tag your profile with effective skills and knowledge, in order to stand out.



Alexa Global Rank: 971,131
Global Rank: 1,922,1367 • Category Rank: 3,992
Search volume: 880/mo
Number of available jobs: 250+

Damongo is a marketplace where you can find micro jobs - you can either post your offer or browse through a list of clients who are looking for someone to work on their projects.

While browsing through (buyer requests), you'll see the expected time of delivery and client's budget - when you find something that suits your skills and needs, you can send an offer.

When it comes to posting offers, Damongo is similar to Fiverr - you explain your skill and set your price (usually anything from $5 to $20), and wait for the clients to come to you.



Alexa Global Rank: 431,219 • Most users from: US (88%)
Global Rank: 87,123 • Category Rank: 859
Search Volume: 3,600/mo • Total Visits: 682.75K
Number of available jobs: 660+

Hireable is another job platform with a simple job board listing mostly entry-level positions - you'll be able to refine your search by selecting your desired position (anything from assistant manager to driver).

Each job has a short description within the website, and once you select a job, you're taken to the company/agency/client website, where you can read more information and apply.

We Work Remotely


Alexa Global Rank: 40,545 • Most users from: US (49%)
Global Rank: 58,678 • Category Rank: 596
Search Volume: 27,100/mo • Total Visits: 839.76K
Number of available jobs: 380+

WeWorkRemotely is perfect for any newbie freelancer who wants to work remotely - you'll find business & management, customer support, programming, design, and copywriting jobs, among others.

You'll get full information for all companies who post jobs here - the price to merely post jobs is $299, so you can expect serious and reliable clients.



Alexa Global Rank: 24,743 • Most users from: India (57%)
Global Rank: 100,828 • Category Rank: 912
Search Volume: 14,800/mo • Total Visits: 456.46K
Number of available jobs: 3,000

Truelancer is yet another bidding-based job platform, but it's one of the more popular ones, so it's always worth checking out.

You'll find interesting projects if you're a developer, designer, blogger, writer, SEO specialist, or versed in sales & marketing.

You'll be able to sort projects by Latest, Popular, Featured, and those Expiring soon, and you'll get a nice overview of the number of proposals-per-project just by glancing at the job boards. However, to make your own bid, you'll need to sign up for a free account.



Alexa Global Rank: 346,090 • Most users from: US (41%)
Global Rank: 403,526 • Category Rank: 2,937
Search Volume: 9,440/mo • Total Visits: 91.33K
Number of available jobs: 120

Freelanced is a Freelance Social Network, where you can connect with clients and other freelancers.

You can find work by uploading your portfolio for clients to view (your rates aren't publicly available, but the client can ask for them).

You can also find work by browsing through a job board (again, the budget isn't publicly available, and you'll have to ask the client for it). You'll get to see the number of applicants per job, and apply directly through the website (you'll, however, have to open an account first).

College Recruiter


Alexa Global Rank: 190,121 • Most users from: US (53%)
Global Rank: 273,855 • Category Rank: 2,177
Search Volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 199.85K
Number of available jobs: 240,000

College Recruiter is great for students and recent-graduates looking to easy into the professional job market - you'll get some great resources for newbies, such as job search advice and a resume builder.

To find a particular position, simply enter your keywords, desired location, job category, company, and employment type. What's unique here is that you'll also be able to define you commute to work (by indicating whether you want your work to be within walking or driving distance from your location, by indicating how long a commute you want...).

Jobs include anything from development to gardening, and you can apply via Social Media, or by applying directly through the website.



Alexa Global Rank: 335 • Most users from: US (27%)
Global Rank: 1,033 • Category Rank: 187
Search Volume: 1,830,000/mo • Total Visits: 34.12M

Fiverr is also one of the more popular entries on this list, and if you've ever read anything about freelancing websites you'll know the gist - you define your service, select the amount you want people to pay you for that service (typically $5, but you can ask for much more), and wait for clients to contact you.

As long as the service you're selling is legal and in compliance with Fiverr's terms, you're free to be creative - for every transaction you make, you get to keep 80% of the full price.

Freelance websites for developers

You'll really have plenty of options to find freelance work for developers - bear in mind that most websites that offer work for designers also offer work for developers, so make sure to check out the "freelance websites for designers and artists" section of this list as well.

Stack Overflow • ScalablePath • GitHub Jobs • Job Listings on CodePen • 10X Management • Sologig • Joomlancers • Gun.io • PowertoFl • Codeable • WPHired

Stack Overflow


Alexa Global Rank: 49 • Most users from: US (22%)
Global Rank: 140 • Category Rank: 1 (for computer and electronics)
Search Volume: 550,000/mo • Total Visits: 342.28M
Number of available jobs: 1,650+

Stack Overflow provides an easy-to-browse job board with various developer jobs, from data engineering to C# Senior Developers.

As is the case with most job boards, you'll simply need to enter your desired keywords - apart from the usual parameters, you'll also be able to filter by perks you want on the job (suchs as 10+ vacation days), define the tech you like (and dislike), as well as look only for jobs where they are few applicants.

You'll also be able to filter by compensation in a compelling way - you can enter your desired salary with your country's currency, and the search engine will show you only the positions which match your desired salary when converted to your currency.

If you create an account, you can also write up your Developer Story and get job matches more suitable to your specific skills and experience.

stackoverflow freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 240,161 • Most users from: US (59%)
Global Rank: 788,577 • Category Rank: 88,605
Search Volume: 480/mo

Scalable Path is a network for matching remote developers and clients all over the world - you'll find work if you're a frontend or backend developer, but there's also work for other digital professionals (graphics designers, copywriters, project managers, to name a few).

You'll need to open an account and fill your profile in detail - then, you'll get invited to apply to projects that suit your skills, go through an interview and work directly with clients who hire you.

GitHub Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 48 • Most users from: US (23%)
Global Rank: 439,322 • Category Rank: 3,160
Search Volume: 5,400/mo • Total Visits: 72.10K
Number of available jobs: 320+

You're probably more than a little familiar with GitHub, but did you know that there's a GitHub job board?

Here, you'll find various job opportunities from around the world in the field of development, and be able to filter by job description, benefits provided, companies, expertise, and location - to get all the newest postings that suit your interest directly to your email, you can also subscribe to weekly job alerts.

Each job has a specific manner of application, but you usually need to send your resume via email or fill out a simple application form.

github freelance website

Job Listings on CodePen


Alexa Global Rank: 790 • Most users from: India (17.5%)
Global Rank: 1,925 • Category Rank: 101
Search Volume: 18,000/mo • Total Visits: 22.66M
Number of available jobs: 35+

CodePen is a social development environment aimed at front-end developers and designers that features a comprehensive job board - work provided includes both remote and location-based jobs.

Considering this is a platform aimed at both developers and designers (as long as they're front-end), you'll find available positions for Senior Full-Stack Engineers, Product Designers, Senior Developers…

You'll also get the chance to join teams and work on projects with them.

codepen freelance website

10X Management


Alexa Global Rank: 1,532
Global Rank: 1,668,686 • Category Rank: 4,461
Search Volume: 260/mo

10X Management is an exclusive platform for matching developers with clients that only accepts a small percentage of applicants - but, once you're in, you'll get a chance to work with high-end and innovative projects.

This platform is currently looking for professionals versed in full-stack engineering, data science, DevOps, and similar skills.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,611 • Most users from: India (48%)
Global Rank: 2,086,733 • Category Rank: 10,015
Search Volume: 590/mo
Number of available jobs: 7000+

Sologig is a job platform with a job board that offers IT and engineering jobs grouped by US state and city.

Once you pick a city/job title, you'll be taken to the job board where you can browse the offerings, refine your search with the right parameters (e.g. you can filter by offered salary) - to apply to a position, you'll need to provide your email address.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,320 • Most users from: India (63%)
Global Rank: 4,990,943 • Category Rank: 12,324
Search Volume: 70/mo
Number of available jobs: 20+

Joomlancers is yet another job platform that offers a job board with the latest opportunities in the field of development - you'll get to pick projects based on their disclosed budget and make your own bids.

You can view the number of people who made bids thus far and view the project specs, as well as the time you have left for bidding.



Alexa Global Rank: 328,555 • Most users from: US (42%)
Global Rank: 590,541 • Category Rank: 3,979
Search Volume: 2,800/mo • Total Visits: 82.50K

Gun.io is a freelance-oriented work platform designed to connect various types of software developers (QA, DevOps, Scrum Masters...) with software companies.

This platform is more strict when accepting new clients than when accepting new freelancers - the website promises they only accept projects with interesting development challenges, so you're likely to come across exciting projects if you create an account here.



Alexa Global Rank: 187,081 • Most users from: US (60%)
Global Rank: 341,822 • Category Rank: 2,588
Search Volume: 210/mo • Total Visits: 94.82K
Number of available jobs: 14,650+

PowerToFly is a developer community where women developers help, elevate, and support each other - and there's also a job board.

You'll find mostly engineering jobs, but also some opportunities in product & design, sales & marketing…

Here, it's the companies that create profiles to attract perspective freelancers, and you can really make your pick among high-quality companies - apart from that, you can browse for specific job titles, and locations (or indicate "remote" to look for remote opportunities).



Alexa Global Rank: 90,853 • Most users from: US (40%)
Global Rank: 197,963 • Category Rank: 141
Search Volume:8,100/mo • Total Visits: 248.48K

Codeable is a freelance platform for WordPress developers - if you're skilled in WordPress, it's worth checking out.

This is another exclusive community so only about 2% of all applicants get in - but if you're among the 2%, you'll have steady work, and a chance to connect with other digital professionals, such as marketers, designers, and other developers.

The platform also turns down clients who don't meet the requirements, so you'll be working for quality people, on challenging projects, and for a premium price.



Alexa Global Rank: 978,177 • Most users from: India (57%)
Global Rank: 1,995,935 • Category Rank: 81,005
Search Volume:140/mo
Number of available jobs: 90+

WPHired is another job platform for WordPress professionals, only with a straightforward job board.

You can choose a category, location, or enter your keywords, and browse your search results - you'll find all sorts of WordPress projects here, and positions such as JavaScript WordPress Developer, Senior WordPress Developer, or even WordPress customer support agents.

Freelance websites for designers and artists

It doesn't matter whether you're specialized in logo design, creating new, exciting fonts, or in any other way artistically inclined - you're sure to find a freelance website just for you.

Smashing Magazine • 99designs • DesignHill • DesignCrowd • Behance • Art Wanted • SquadHelp • Envato Studio • Dribble • YunoJuno • Folyo • Coroflot • Graphicriver • Awesome Web • DesignBro • CrowdSpring • BrandCrowd • Working Not Working • MyFonts

Smashing Magazine


Alexa Global Rank: 10,175 • Most users from: US (68%)
Global Rank: 21,556 • Category Rank: 137
Search Volume: 27,100/mo • Total Visits: 3.87M
Number of available jobs: 15+

Smashing Magazine offers a small but reliable list of jobs not just to designers, but also to programmers.

You can hunt for jobs directly in the search box, or filter by various parameters - location (whether the job is remote or not), job type (full-time or part-time), and job category (programming or design).

Once you find what you like, you can apply directly from the website.



Alexa Global Rank: 4,425 • Most users from: US (29%)
Global Rank: 8,805 • Category Rank: 41
Search Volume: 165,000/mo • Total Visits: 4.53M, but the website states that the members of this designer community create a new design every 2 seconds

99designs is a designer community where you can find work in two ways - either by competing in designer contests or by working directly with clients (who'll contact you for projects if they like your portfolio).

When looking for work, you can choose your desired industry, style, and design category - as time goes on, you start getting client and project suggestions based on your previous work.

You'll also need to pay a certain fee for the website's service of matching you with clients - each time you start working with a new client you get to pay an introduction fee, which usually range between 30% and 50%, depending on the amount you earn.

Before fully applying to 99designs, you'll need to pass reviews that determine your design level (which will also influence the percentage you need to pay for the new client introduction fees).

99designs freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 20,494 • Most users from: India (28%)
Global Rank: 50,866 • Category Rank: 266
Search Volume: 14,800/mo • Total Visits: 1.08M
Number of available jobs: 13,000+

DesignHill is a job platform for design work that facilitates design contests - the client posts a brief with the design description, graphic designers send him/her their solutions, and then the client makes a choice.

Here, you can find a variety of design work - from brand identity and logo design, across package, clothing and menu design, to email and infographic design. You can also submit design work for a number of industries, from accounting & finance to youtube designs.

Apart from participating in contests, you can also sell your already made logos and design work.



Alexa Global Rank: 18,950 • Most users from: US (17%)
Global Rank: 125,556 • Category Rank: 774
Search Volume:40,500/mo • Total Visits: 402.17K
Number of available jobs: 360+

DesignCrowd is a job platform for designers that offers a number of graphic design contests, both open and private, you can participate in - you can access open contests with no limitations, but you'll have to create an account to access private contests.

Each contest has specs you can view before even clicking on its link - the number of designers who applied to the contest, number of designs needed, the amount you'll get if your solutions are selected, and the number of days left before the contests close.

Once you select a contest you're interested in, you'll get a full description for the requested design, and you'll be able to submit your solution, or browse through a short list of similar contests/jobs you can also apply to.



Alexa Global Rank: 360 • Most users from: US (13%)
Global Rank: 682 • Category Rank: 2
Search Volume:823,000/mo • Total Visits: 46.05M
Number of available jobs: 95+

Behance is a creative community where you can showcase your portfolio and get noticed by clients - it's also a job board where you can browse through jobs by entering specific keywords, job type, location, and creative field.

Once you select a specific job, you'll get a full description of the project, the required skills, and responsibilities, as well as an indication what formal education you need to possess to apply - once you're sure you fit the requirements, you can click to apply.

behance freelance website

Art Wanted


Alexa Global Rank: 267,472 • Most users from: India (32%)
Global Rank: 608,913 • Category Rank: 748
Search Volume: 880/mo • Total Visits: 57.97K

Art Wanted is a free artist portfolio website where freelance artists can promote their work and services by uploading their art to the website's gallery.

Here, you'll get a chance to sell your original artwork, prints, or digital files - and you pay no commission fee to the Art Wanted website for the work you sell.

You can create your bio, fill out your profile, receive feedback in the form of comments, upload a video showcasing your art, and install a PayPal button to have your art easily sold and paid for online.



Alexa Global Rank: 62,369 • Most users from: India (38%)
Global Rank: 70,728 • Category Rank: 4,836
Search Volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 625.24K
Number of available jobs: 470+

SquadHelp is essentially a contest platform where people compete for the best brand name, but you can also find traditional design jobs, if you dig deeper.

Most contests provide money rewards to the winners, and you can filter contests by industry, category (there's a separate Logo & Design category), status, award type (guaranteed or not guaranteed), and award amount.

While browsing the list of contests, you'll notice that each contest has a visible number of days left, number of people who applied thus far, and the amount you'll get as a winner, if the award is "guaranteed".

Envato Studio


Alexa Global Rank: 795 • Most users from: US (17%)
Search Volume: 5,400/mo • Total Visits: 272.18K

Envato Studio is a community of developers, designers, and creatives where you can take part in various design projects in the categories of Video & Animation, Design & Graphics, as well as Logo Design & Branding.

This is another more exclusive freelance websites, so you'll have to pass a screening process to officially join - once you pick your category, you can fill out an appropriate Registration of Interest form, and if the Envato Studio team likes your work, you'll get contacted.

Then, you'll get to create a profile, name your price, upload some sample work, and define your turnaround time for orders - when you complete and are paid for a job, you get to pay 30% of your published price as a service fee to the website.

envato freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 862 • Most users from: US (19%)
Global Rank: 1,944 • Category Rank: 3
Search Volume: 201,000/mo • Total Visits: 19.95M
Number of available jobs: 350+

Dribble is an online community for designers with a classic job board - you get a list of jobs where you can apply directly from the website.

Here, you'll find some high quality and high profile work from the world's top companies, such as Comcast, Twitch, 3M, CBR, Instasize, Centro, Bumble, Buffer, Tinder, Zendesk, Klarna, and more.

Apart from the chance to browse through the job board, you'll also get a chance to create a profile for your freelance business and fill it with sample work, for prospective clients to see, like, or comment on.

dribbble freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 218,668 • Most users from: UK (82%)
Global Rank: 218,730 • Category Rank: 1,580
Search Volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 183.42

YunoJuno is an exclusive designer community for freelancers looking to find work in London - most freelancers from the community are based in London or New York, but you can also apply if you don't live in these cities.

Upon sign-up, you'll fill out a form, and select your work discipline - "Photography", "UX", "Film & Motion", and "Designer" are some of the designer disciplines available, but you can also select "Journalism", "Developer", or "Marketing", so there's work for other professional freelancers here as well.

Then, you can create a profile with your bio, provide a link to your portfolio, define your day rate, and explain your skills and qualifications - if your profile is approved, you'll start getting project briefs from interested clients.

All clients are screened for their HSBC credit before they can hire a freelancer, and you receive all your payments for finished work from YunoJuno, and not the clients - you get paid on time, and don't have to pay a specific fee to the website, as that's taken away from the client's fee.



Alexa Global Rank: 648,644 • Most users from: US (36%)
Global Rank: 1,302,429 • Category Rank: 925
Search Volume: 3,600/mo

Folyo is a private design community that connects designers with agencies and startups looking for design work - it's difficult to get in, and the website's owner (who's also a designer) screens all applicants personally, but once you're in, you'll get a decent chance to expand your client pool.

When a client posts a job, all freelancer members are screened to find the top 5% who fit the job's requirements and budget best - if you're among the 5%, you can express your interest to work on said project, and if the client likes your work, you get hired.



Alexa Global Rank: 39,365 • Most users from: US (31%)
Global Rank: 91,904 • Category Rank: 894
Search Volume: 12,100/mo • Total Visits: 630.05K • Number of jobs available: 650+

Coroflot is a classic job platform for freelance designers where you can browse through a list of various designer jobs.

You can search the board by entering specific keywords or companies, by specifying the desired job location and choosing your job level. You can also search the job list by popular keywords already listed at the beginning of the list, apply to jobs directly from the website, and read more about your prospective employers.



Alexa Global Rank: 3,014 • Most users from: US (15%)
Global Rank: 8,389 • Category Rank: 208
Search Volume: 90,500/mo • Total Visits: 6.14M

Graphicriver is an online community which is a part of the Envato market, where you can sell your logos, icons, presentation templates, fonts, prints, customizable design kits, and similar design work.

You can apply to become an Envato Artist through your Envato account, and if you pass the screening process, you'll get to create profile pages for all your pieces, fill it with pricing information, and examples of your creative process, or infographics detailing your services.

Awesome Web


Alexa Global Rank: 974,833 • Most users from: US (55%)
Global Rank: 4,754,195 • Category Rank: 310,490
Search Volume: 140/mo

Awesome Web is a small, freelancer marketplace where you can submit your portfolio for approval and gain access to exclusive freelance jobs - once again, you'll have smaller competition, and greater chances of landing a job.

When creating an account (you'll be asked to provide your billing details upfront), you'll get to choose between a monthly ($27) or annual subscription ($20) - once you're in, you fill out your profile with basic information, availability times, hourly rates, skills, and add three projects to your portfolio.

After that, clients on the websites who like your work and specs will have the chance to contact you for work on their projects.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,792
Global Rank: 1,556,04 • Category Rank: 18,984
Search Volume: 320/mo

DesignBro is also a contest-based platform where you can submit your designs as response to client briefs - but the competition system seems to be more elaborate.

Here, you can sell your work in the category of packaging, logo, brand identity - once you create an account, you'll be able to bid for projects.

First, you'll get to reserve a spot on a project you like, upload your design, and wait for feedback - no more than 10 designers can apply to one job, and the client provides feedback and selects 3 finalists.

One of the 3 finalists wins and receives the premium award, but the other two finalists also get a money award.



Alexa Global Rank: 82,893 • Most users from: US (35%)
Global Rank: 85,828 • Category Rank: 474
Search Volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 386.85K

CrowdSpring is predominantly a client-centric designer website where freelance professionals work on business cards, logos, package graphics, packaging design, email templates, and blog themes, among other design work.

The registration for this platform is currently restricted, but you can define your experience and qualifications in an application form, and be added to a Wait List - there are periods of open registration lasting 1-2 weeks when pending applications are reviewed and approved.



Alexa Global Rank: 17,884 • Most users from: India (37%)
Global Rank: 35,016 • Category Rank: 2,108
Search Volume: 5,400/mo • Total Visits: 1.14M

BrandCrowd is an easy-to-use online marketplace for designers, where you can advertise and sell your logo designs - you complete a 3-step process, enter your basic info, and then upload your designs.

Clients can then browse through your work and make their picks - you determine your price, and the payment method you want to use (PayPal, Bank Check, Bank Wire...). You display your designs for free, and for every sale you make, you pay a 40% service fee to the website.

Working Not Working


Alexa Global Rank: 118,120 • Most users from: US (79%)
Global Rank: 182,751 • Category Rank: 15,183
Search Volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 170.76K
Number of available jobs: 650+

Working Not Working is a free job platform where creatives can search for new clients and projects - you'll find designer, photography, production, animation, and other artistic work for top companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and publications such as the New York Times.

This is another exclusive job platform where only a small number of applicants gets accepted, but you'll gain access to a perspective pool of clients and location-based job boards.



Alexa Global Rank: 3,796 • Most users from: US (23%)
Global Rank: 6,802 • Category Rank: 170
Search Volume: 90,500/mo • Total Visits: 7.93M

MyFonts is an online marketplace aimed especially at font creators - you can sell and advertise your custom-made fonts.

First, you'll need to submit your font for review - if your font is deemed as original and quality work, you'll receive a contract to sign (for each font you sell, you pay a 50% service fee to the website).

Once you sign a contract, you'll need to send in the final font files, artwork showcasing your font, your designer bio, and define the price for the font.

Freelance Websites for Media Production

Actors, producers, and scriptwriters make a living by creating, managing, and bringing imaginary stories into existence - but that doesn't mean websites where they can find work are imaginary as well. So, here a select list of profitable websites where you can find work in the media production industry.

Assemble.tv • ProductionHUB • Mandy • Stage 32



Alexa Global Rank: 1,971 • Most users from: US (86%)
Global Rank: 4,614,301 • Category Rank: 18,132
Search Volume: 90/mo

Assemble.tv is an invite-only creative network for professionals included in video production - producers, creative directors, visual artists and post-production professionals. To request an invite, you'll need to provide basic information, your current occupation, portfolio pieces, and videos (if applicable).

If you receive access, you'll get a chance to provide quotes to client projects - if your price matches their budget, you'll get hired on product launches, brand videos, and commercials, both live action and animated.



Alexa Global Rank: 63,703 • Most users from: US (80%)
Global Rank: 131,555 • Category Rank: 10,660
Search Volume: 5,400/mo • Total Visits: 404.04K
Number of available jobs: 300+ crew and vendor leads, and 130+ jobs

ProductionHUB is a versatile job platform for Media production - you'll be able to view crew and vendor leads, create a profile that showcases your talent (paid feature), and browse through a comprehensive job board.

No matter whether you're browsing through crew & vendor leads or film & production jobs, you'll be able to define the production fields you're an expert in, and decide on the preferred location of your next job - you'll also be able to view a selection of the jobs most recently added.

If you decide to make a profile, you'll also get access to communicate with clients directly, and showcase your portfolio.



Alexa Global Rank: 26,213 • Most users from: US (52%)
Global Rank: 31,506 • Category Rank: 2,876
Search Volume: 1,300/mo • Total Visits: 1.53M
Number of available jobs: 6,500 auditions every month

Mandy is a community for actors, professionals in the TV, film, and theatre business, as well as extras, dancers, musicians, and similar professionals.

You can join for free - to create an account, you'll need to define your profile type, location, and provide basic information before you can gain access to relevant auditions.

You'll be competing with a large number of similar professionals, so make sure you make your portfolio stand out.

mandy freelance website

Stage 32


Alexa Global Rank: 104,879 • Most users from: US (50%)
Global Rank: 178,988 • Category Rank: 566
Search Volume: 5,400/mo • Total Visits: 288.80K
Number of available jobs: 260+

Stage 32 is a job board for professionals in the TV, theatre and movie business - you can find work if you're a script writer, actor, voiceover artist, photographer, producer, director, gaffer…

You can scroll the website just like any other job board, and define search parameters to find what interests you - location, positions you're looking for, and time they were posted on the website.

Freelance websites for customer support

Efficient customer support is important for any company looking to have well-informed and satisfied customers and clients - so, here's where you can look for work if you want to work on improving customer experience.

Support driven

Support driven


Alexa Global Rank: 721,549 • Most users from: US (41%)
Global Rank: 178,988 • Category Rank: 566
Search Volume:320/mo
Number of available jobs: 80+

Support Driven is a typical job board, but geared at customer support specialists - here, you'll find work at companies such as Help Scout, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Zapier, Figma, and similar.

Considering this is a typical job board, you'll be able to search the job offerings by entering your keywords, specifying the desired location of the job, or tick the desired parameters you want your job to match (Community, Freelance, Internship, Part-Time, Temporary...).

Freelance websites for sales professionals

Well versed in sales etiquette? Check out these freelance websites aimed especially at sales professionals.

CommissionCrowd • Bidvine • SalesForce Jobs • FreeeUp



Alexa Global Rank: 382,403 • Most users from: UK (37%)
Global Rank: 883,192 • Category Rank: 9,315
Search Volume: 480/mo
Number of available jobs: 500

Commission Crowd is a sales network with a job board offering freelance, commission-only jobs in the sales industry - you can browse the board to look for opportunities, and you pay no service fee to the website for the jobs you get hired to do.

There are no search options, so you'll have to scroll the list to find what you're looking for - each job has a description, location (territory), agent type they're looking for, as well as the commission percentage. You'll have to register for a free account in order to apply to jobs.



Alexa Global Rank: 163,780 • Most users from: UK (69%)
Global Rank: 83,378
Search Volume: 18,100/mo • Total Visits: 498.80K
Number of available jobs: 36,000+ customer requests for you to reply to

Bidvine is a versatile sales network where you can offer all kinds of services to customers in the UK - everything from photography lessons to furniture assembly (IKEA furniture assembly is its separate category).

You'll have to sign up for a free account to view the listings, but once you select your position (e.g. Wedding Planner) and the location (City of London), you'll get the exact number of jobs available (currently 26), before even signing up for an account.

Salesforce Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 123 • Most users from: US (57%)
Global Rank: 335 • Category Rank: 1 (salesforce, business and industry)
Search volume: 22,200/mo • Total Visits: 71.09M
Number of available jobs: 1,650+

Salesforce Jobs is a job marketplace at the Salesforce store where you can browse through job positions currently available to various freelance professionals.

You can specify your skill set (programming language you know), desired job location (anything from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe), job type (hourly rate or fixed price), and job status (open for applicants, in progress, cancelled).

You'll also be able to view when each job was posted, and upon selecting a job, you'll get information on the required skills, expected start time, qualifications needed, and more.

salesforce freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 108,980 • Most users from: US (37%)
Global Rank: 232,164
Search volume: 14,800/mo • Total Visits: 185.90K

FreeeUp is a job marketplace for professionals in the eCommerce and Digital marketing business sphere - you'll have to apply to enter, and the website states that only 1% of all applicants get in. Again, you'll have smaller chances of gaining access, but you'll have scarce competition for available jobs if you get approved.

To apply, you'll need to fill out a form, upload your resume and portfolio, as well as talk about your previous projects, skill set, desired hourly rate, and provide other answers to typical job interview questions.

Apart from that, you'll have to go through a real-time interview, pass some tests, and when you gain access, you'll get to browse through requested projects.

Freelance websites for writers

Skilled with words but unsure how to make a profit out of it? Whether you're a copywriter, journalist, or talented in creating alluring fiction, here are some great websites and writing platforms where you can find inspiring writing gigs.

Scripted • BloggingPro Job board • Contently • Freelance Writing • ProBlogger Job Board • WriterAccess • Freedom with Writing • Freelance Writing Gigs • Mediabistro • Canadian Freelance Writing • Contena • Kolabtree • Freelance Writing Jobs • Journalism Jobs • PubLoft • Paid to Blog



Alexa Global Rank: 134,739 • Most users from: US (41%)
Global Rank: 318,265 • Category Rank: 1,054
Search volume: 22,200/mo • Total Visits: 112.99K

Scripted is a freelance writing platform where you'll gain access to a pool of clients, if you pass the necessary tests.

Once you're in, you'll need to fill out your profile, upload some writing samples that showcase your skills, and then wait for interested clients to contact you, or take a more dynamic approach to finding work. You'll be able to pick subjects from a list of requested topics, or pitch topics directly to clients.

BloggingPro Job board


Alexa Global Rank: 195,798 • Most users from: US (33%)
Global Rank: 434,981 • Category Rank: 22,542
Search volume: 1,300/mo • Total Visits: 93.84K
Number of available jobs: 50+

BloggingPro has a job board where you can find interesting writing assignments, mostly remote. For easier search, you can enter keywords, location, and other usual parameters, as well as define your desired job category (Blogging, Content Writing, Journalism, Magazine work, Technical Writing...).

Once you select a job, you can visit the company's website or apply to it directly from BloggingPro.

bloggingpro freelance website



Alexa Global Rank: 57,353 • Most users from: US (42%)
Global Rank: 124,482 • Category Rank: 566
Search volume: 12,100/mo • Total Visits: 449.47K
Number of available jobs: 100+

Contently is a freelance writing community where you can showcase your portfolio to potential clients, but also browse through a job board with some high quality writing gigs.

Once again, you'll need to pass a screening process to gain access to job opportunities, but once you're in, you'll get a chance to work on various topics in various niches.

Apart from writers, Contently also provides work opportunities to other content creators, such as photographers, designers, videographers, and illustrators.

Freelance Writing


Alexa Global Rank: 100,650 • Most users from: US (39%)
Global Rank: 186,384 • Category Rank: 1,589
Search volume: 27,100/mo • Total Visits: 316.76K
Number of available jobs: impossible to count

Freelance Writing is the ultimate freelance writing platform founded in 1997 with the largest number of writing gigs, combined from other freelance marketplaces, such as Indeed, Craigslist, and FreelanceWritingJobs.

You'll get a chance to work for top companies such as Facebook, NBCUniversal, Adobe, Netflix, Bustle, Benefit Cosmetics, and more.

Apart from applying to job positions directly from a job board, you'll also get a chance to partake in writing contests which all mostly offer money awards for winners and finalists (though you'll have to pay an entrance fee to partake in some).

You can also subscribe to a Morning Coffee Newsletter, and receive updates on new jobs every morning in your email inbox.

ProBlogger Job Board


Alexa Global Rank: 46,397 • Most users from: US (32%)
Global Rank: 104,230 • Category Rank: 6,808
Search volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 559.77K
Number of available jobs: 90

ProBlogger Job Board is also a typical job board - you browse through a list of available job positions, and streamline your search through keywords, and a limited set of parameters (Location, Job type...).

Each job has a description listing qualifications, requirements, application rules, as well as a button to apply to the position directly.



Alexa Global Rank: 86,542 • Most users from: US (72%)
Global Rank: 168,740 • Category Rank: 696
Search volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 254.53K

WriterAccess is a matching service meant to connect writers, content strategists, and translators with clients. They're currently mostly looking for professionals from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries where English is a native language.

If you're accepted, you'll take a proficiency test, fill out your profile and have an AI match your skills and expertise with the right clients - you'll also be able to partake in writing contests and casting calls.

Your earnings per word depend on your star rating, and you'll have to pay 30% worth in service fees to the website for all the work you're hired to do.

Freedom with Writing


Alexa Global Rank: 151,648 • Most users from: US (41%)
Global Rank: 277,655 • Category Rank: 952
Search volume: 1,320/mo • Total Visits: 196.42K
Number of available jobs: ~20 paid writing opportunities per week

Freedom with Writing is a writing market that offers a select number of writing opportunities sent directly to your email on a regular basis.

The Freedom with Writing staff go through writing gigs currently available online, review them, and select the best ones - you'll find journalism work, essays and fiction contests, and lists of blogs who pay for guest posts on various subjects.

Freelance Writing Gigs


Alexa Global Rank: 215,729 • Most users from: US (38%)
Global Rank: 320,589 • Category Rank: 2,472
Search volume: 1,900/mo • Total Visits: 146.87K
Number of available jobs: 20-30 job opportunities on a daily basis

Freelance Writing Gigs is similar to Freedom with Writing in a way that they both offer reviewed writing opportunities to its subscribers - the difference is that Freelance Writing Gigs offers a list of jobs every weekday.

The jobs are categorized by job type, all have a location listed (or an indication that it's remote work), and most have hourly rates.



Alexa Global Rank: 58,558 • Most users from: US (65%)
Global Rank: 109,136 • Category Rank: 1,018
Search volume: 3,600/mo • Total Visits: 517.09K • Number of available jobs: 1,800+

Mediabistro offers a straightforward job searching experience - you select a desired job category (writing, editing, marketing, creative...), or enter your desired job title, and search.

You're then taken to a typical job board where you can further refine your search (with desired function, specialty, location, duration, salary range...), or scroll through the list of jobs, offered by companies such as CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Dow Jones…

To apply to a position, you'll first need to upload your resume and portfolio, as well as provide your basic information.

Canadian Freelance Writing


Alexa Global Rank: 3,289 • Most users from: Canada (93%)
Global Rank: 8,306,976
Search volume: 260/mo
Number of available jobs: 100+

With Canadian Freelance Writing, you don't need to be Canadian to find work, and you get a service similar to that provided by Freelance Writing Gigs - a regular string of blog posts compiling the freshest online writing jobs.

You'll find unusual writing gigs such as fandom writing and quiz writing, but also the usual type of work, such as content, technical, legal, and UX writing.



Alexa Global Rank: 394,213 • Most users from: Canada (93%)
Global Rank: 623,858
Search volume: 205/mo • Total Visits: 60.45K
Number of available jobs: 450

Contena offers a number of writing jobs you can directly apply to when you create an account - most of the work is paid on a monthly basis.

Here, you'll find a number of interesting positions (categorized by type and ordered by the date it was posted on the website), such as Social Media Editor, Chatbot Content Writer, Celebrity news Writer, Travel Editor, and more.



Alexa Global Rank: 234,014 • Most users from: US (33%)
Global Rank: 461,401
Search volume: 720/mo • Total Visits: 76.36K
Number of available jobs: 40+ writing jobs

Kolabtree is a freelance platform where you can find scientific and academic work - there's a fair number of writing jobs you can look into, including research proposals, writing report results, technical blog posts, scientific eBooks, and similar projects.

To apply to a position, you'll need to submit a proposal - each job has an approximate budget already listed, so you can start from there. If the client likes your proposal, you'll get an invite to a private discussion where you'll go over the additional details and deadlines - if this discussion goes well, you're likely to get the job.

Freelance Writing Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 515,082 • Most users from: US (37%)
Global Rank: 869,772 • Category Rank: 426
Search volume: 40,500/mo
Number of available jobs: ~ 10 every 30 days

All Freelance Writing lets clients post jobs that stay up during the course of 30 days - you'll get to scroll available job positions and make your picks.

This websites offers various types of writing work (political blogging, lifestyle writing, real estate blogging...), and you can view the client's budget for the project (with indication whether the total budget is very low).

Journalism Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 121,298 • Most users from: US (70%)
Global Rank: 195,875 • Category Rank: 1,640
Search volume: 27,100/mo • Total Visits: 178.56K
Number of available jobs: 1,200+

With Journalism Jobs, you'll get a listicle view of all currently available jobs in the field of journalism - you'll get to scroll the board manually, refine your search through parameters (industry, location, date posted, job type), or subscribe to daily job alerts.

You'll be able to apply to jobs directly, but also share, save, or print jobs you like.



Alexa Global Rank: 569,847 • Most users from: US (90%)
Global Rank: 2,545,887
Search volume: 0/mo

PubLoft is a writing platform where you can apply to enter a network of freelance writers looking for client work.

To apply, you'll need to fill out a form and pass some proficiency tests - once you're accepted you'll gain access to a number of high-end projects (pay-per-post starts at $150). The website collects payments from its clients on a monthly basis, and you'll receive payments every other week.

Paid to Blog


Alexa Global Rank: 2,654
Global Rank: 7,799,275
Search volume: 2,900/mo
Number of available jobs: 75+

Paid to Blog promises quality work to the members of their freelance writing community - their team goes over the newest freelance writing gigs, reviews them, and selects only the quality ones.

These quality jobs are then added to a job board where you can find what you're looking for by browsing the list (details for each job include client information, pay rate, word count...). The subscription fee is $30, but you'll save a lot of time you'd otherwise spent going over different job boards on your own.

Bonus places to find freelance websites for writers:

Yep, you can ascend your writing career outside of traditional job platforms:


Twitter is a great resource for writers looking for new projects and clients if you know where to look. Each offers a steady stream of new writing gigs, and you can find some great job opportunities. Here are some great accounts you can follow:


Number of Reddit members: 4.6K

The Writing Opportunities Reddit page offers discussions on writing practices and trends, but also regular calls to submission linking to newest job opportunities in the writing industry.

Freelance websites for photographers

Wedding photos, artistic images, and savoring memories from the latest cruise around the Caribbean are all the rage nowadays - so, it's relatively easy to find work as a photographer, when you know where to look.

Get Photography Jobs • The Creative Loft • Jobs at Cruise Ships

Get Photography Jobs


Alexa Global Rank: 1,327 • Most users from: US (72%)
Global Rank: 1,299,754 • Category Rank: 7,088
Search volume: 170/mo
Number of available jobs: 13,000+

Get Photography Jobs is a straightforward job board for photographers offering work in US states and cities - you'll find an extensive selection of job opportunities available, from Alabama to Wyoming.

You'll also get a chance to subscribe to the websites' emailing list, and receive job updates on a regular basis.

The Creative Loft


Alexa Global Rank: 1,093 • Most users from: US (88%)
Global Rank: 1,075,050 • Category Rank: 127,125
Search volume: 320/mo
Number of available jobs: 14,100+

The Creative Loft is another extensive job board for US photographers, and you'll have more parameters to help you refine your search - you'll be able to select your desired US state, city, job type (freelance, part-time), occupation (photographer, assistant...), fields (studio, portrait, wedding...). The jobs are also reviewed for authenticity before being posted, so you'll increase your chances of landing quality work.

You'll be able to browse the job board without creating an account, but you'll have to register for one in order to view full postings and access the websites search engine.

Jobs at Cruise Ships


Alexa Global Rank: 289,858 • Most users from: US (23%)
Global Rank: 351,853 • Category Rank: 2,656
Search volume: 0/mo • Total Visits: 107.51K
Number of available jobs: 3-15 professionals per ship

You can even land a photographer job if you cruise (get it?) through a website offering cruise ship jobs. You'll need to register for an account to apply to photography jobs on this website, but if you get hired, the pay is substantial (~$1,800-$2,800 /mo).

Also, you'll get an interesting work "scenery", and you'll get to travel - the job profiles usually required are photo managers, photographers, videographers, and similar positions.

Freelance websites for data entry

Data entry may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it's still a nice option for newbie freelancers who like tackling micro-tasks - and there are specific websites that provide just that type of work.

Mturk.com • Clickworker



Alexa Global Rank: 5,131 • Most users from: US (42%)
Global Rank: 3,877 • Category Rank: 171
Search volume: 135,000/mo • Total Visits: 4.97M

Mturk is an Amazon-based crowdsource marketplace where you can offer your services, if you're versed in moderating content, performing research or data duplication.

You'll have to sign up for an account in order to become eligible for job opportunities at Mturk - then, you'll get to work on microtasks, either through an integrated API or through a friendly interface.



Alexa Global Rank: 40,171 • Most users from: Germany (19%)
Global Rank: 33,495 • Category Rank: 1,969
Search volume: 14,700/mo • Total Visits: 1.14M

Clickworker is a straightforward platform where you can perform and be paid for a number of micro-tasks, including survey participation, correcting texts, categorizing data, research tasks, and similar.

Clickworker offers a classic freelance approach, so you'll have a flexible schedule, and work independently. To apply, you'll need to create a user profile, complete some short assessments, and then you'll have appropriate micro-tasks sent directly to you.

Freelance websites for virtual assistants

As the number of jobs that can be performed remotely increases, so does the need for virtual assistants - here's where you can apply or look for work if you're interested to handle someone's administrative work from the comfort of your home.

Assistant match • Time Etc. • Worldwide 101 • Fancy Hands • Belay • Zirtual • HelloRache • VA Networking

Assistant match


Alexa Global Rank: 1,755
Global Rank: 2,171,629 • Category Rank: 5,770
Search volume: 40/mo

Assistant Match provides job opportunities to virtual assistants - once you register for an account you'll be in a position to get matched with clients who are looking for your type of skills and expertise, or receive job opportunities via email.

The website also provides VA training and resources, so if worth checking out if you're interested to expand on your virtual assistant career.

Time Etc.


Alexa Global Rank: 268,800 • Most users from: US (46%)
Global Rank: 378,255 • Category Rank: 1,134
Search volume: 3,600/mo • Total Visits: 109.06K
Number of available jobs: 20,000 tasks per month

Time Etc essentially offers work to personal, executive, and admin assistants, as well as secretaries.

If you pass the application process, you'll work at least three hours between Monday and Friday from home.

To apply, you'll need to have some commercial experience (2-3 years), so this website isn't the best option for newbies, but it is a great side business for those somewhat versed in providing virtual assistance.



Alexa Global Rank: 442,449 • Most users from: US (31%)
Global Rank: 371,462 • Category Rank: 1,117
Search Volume: 2,900/mo • Total Visits: 54.58K

Boldly is a matching service and virtual assistant platform for where you'll be able to find a steady stream of work - though you'll have to pass the screening process first.

This platform is more exclusive, but you'll gain access to some high-end clients and quality work.

Fancy Hands


Alexa Global Rank: 175,910 • Most users from: US (77%)
Global Rank: 269,252 • Category Rank: 24,299
Search Volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 162.89K

Fancy Hands is a typical job platform where you'll be able to find freelance virtual tasks which include making phone calls, conducting online research, and performing data entry, though there is a curated number of managerial positions available as well.

All work is parsed by tasks, and each task holds a certain amount you can earn.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,223 • Most users from: US (82%)
Global Rank: 3,145,195 • Category Rank: 70,777
Search volume: 20/mo

Belay is a job platform for where you can find remote, part-time positions for virtual assistants, web specialists, and bookkeepers.

You'll get to determine your own work hours (though the minimum per week is 10 hours) - you'll just need to pass an email and video interview.

This website is perfect if you're looking to build a career in virtual assistance, as you'll be provided with full-time work, but perhaps not suitable for newbies, as the training resources are limited.



Alexa Global Rank: 280,879 • Most users from: US (49%)
Global Rank: 460,268 • Category Rank: 1,337
Search Volume: 20/mo • Total Visits: 95.89K

If you're US-based and looking for full-time opportunities, then Zirtual is worth checking out - you'll get a chance to provide virtual assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other similar professionals.

Tasks include inbox management, expensing & Invoicing, data entry, property management, booking flights, various personal tasks, and more.

Zirtual is limited in the number of virtual positions available, but it's worth checking them out periodically - they even offer employee benefits to their freelancers.



Alexa Global Rank: 2,672 • Most users from:Philippines (68%)
Global Rank: 3,687,099
Search Volume: 0/mo

HelloRache is a US-based company offering virtual assistant jobs in the healthcare industry.

Medical professionals with the right degree and certification can apply to carry out work such as communicating and interacting with patients, gathering medical insurance information, updating patient's chart records, handling various administrative tasks, and more.

VA Networking


Alexa Global Rank: 420,600 • Most users from: US (42%)
Global Rank: 1,486,715 • Category Rank: 3,974
Search volume: 320/mo

VA Networking is a networking community for virtual assistants where Va's just starting out can find great advice and resources, but also a job board with the latest VA opportunities.

It's free to sign up, and you gain access to a community forum, informative videos, ebooks, checklists, and similar useful resources.

Freelance websites for tutors

If you're looking to pass on your knowledge of Math, Science, Physics, or Foreign Languages to students, here's where to look.

Tutor.com • TutorEye • Udemy • Skooli • Tutor Pace Inc.



Alexa Global Rank: 60,377 • Most users from: US (48%)
Global Rank: 85,907 • Category Rank: 2,547
Search Volume: 8,100/mo • Total Visits: 534.36K

Tutor.com offers part-time tutoring job in 8 subject sections (Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language, AP Support, Science...), and over 40 subjects (Geometry, Science, Essay Writing, World History...).

To enter this tutoring community, you'll need to take an exam in the subject you want to teach, hold a mock lesson, have your background checked, and if you're satisfactory on all levels, you can start tutoring.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,075 • Most users from: India (57%)
Global Rank: 2,047,433
Search volume: 0/mo

TutorEye is another tutoring platform where you can teach Physics, Chemistry, Science, Algebra, Literature, Precalculus, and Biology, among other subjects, and all online.

If you pass the application process, you'll get to conduct one-to-one teaching sessions in an interactive online classroom.



Alexa Global Rank: 231 • Most users from: US (18%)
Global Rank: 354 • Category Rank: 2
Search Volume: 3,350,000/mo • Total Visits: 89.89M

Udemy is an online learning/teaching platform where you can advertise your teaching courses in the field of development, design, IT & Software, Personal Development, Marketing, and much more, in over 50 languages.

To become an instructor, you'll need to plan your course, and record a video showing a preview of what you'll teach - if you're unsure of how to structure your classes, there's even a free Udemy course on how to structure a course.



Alexa Global Rank: 319,038 • Most users from: US (45%)
Global Rank: 803,780 • Category Rank: 90,602
Search volume: 2,900/mo

Skooli offers a tutoring platform for both online and in-person tutoring in elementary, middle school, highschool, and college subjects.

To start teaching at Skooli, you'll need to have at least a Bachelor's degree (Though a Master's degree or PhD is favorable), as well as a teaching certification, provincial or state teaching license, and necessary language certifications (if you're teaching a language).

Tutor Pace Inc.


Alexa Global Rank: 1,094 • Most users from: US (53%)
Global Rank: 1,728,943 • Category Rank: 47,806
Search volume: 140/mo

Tutor Pace INC. offers online tutoring jobs on a smaller scale, in very specific subjects, such as accounting, computer science, economics, but also Math, Science, and various exam preparation classes.

You'll need an excellent command of the English language to apply, and the ability to teach the selected subject at a college grade level.

Freelance websites for translators

If you have an excellent command of two or more languages, check out these websites looking for translators, interpreters, and other language specialists - bonus points if you know an rare language.

Unbabel • Acolad • TranslatorsCafe • TRADUguide • Proz.com • Globtra • TranslatorBase • Gengo



Alexa Global Rank: 100,671 • Most users from: US (22%)
Global Rank: 76,127 • Category Rank: 1,993
Search volume: 1,450/mo • Total Visits: 429.52K

Unbabel is a translation platform for reviewing and improving translations - the initial translations are carried out through AI, and you're the human link making sure the text sounds natural and contextually accurate.

To tackle available translation tasks, you'll first need to check whether the languages you're proficient in are available - only one language professional is required per language pair, so the competition is stiff.

If you've found your match, you'll need to take a proficiency test - once you've passed this, you'll gain access to a translation platform with all tasks suitable for your language par, complete with guidelines and other information.



Alexa Global Rank: 927,728 • Most users from: France (24%)
Global Rank: 1,084,278
Search volume: 10/mo • Total Visits: 69K

Acolad is another exclusive translator platform, where only translators with proven experience and professional degrees can join.

The application process may be more strict and demanding, but you'll be able to command fair rates if you're approved to join. Moreover, you'll be able to choose among a wide variety of domains (e.g. Legal, Finance, Technical, etc.), as well as subdomains (e.g. Civil Law, IT Law, Tax Law, etc).



Alexa Global Rank: 20,086 • Most users from: Russia (18%)
Global Rank: 32,090 • Category Rank: 137
Search volume: 9,900/mo • Total Visits: 2.60M
Number of available jobs: 200

TranslatorsCafe is a translator community which offers a comprehensive job board with a bidding system - for each translator, proofreading, or interpreter job, you'll see its language pair and time when it was posted.

The language pairs are various, and you'll find work if your fluent in French, Greek, Turkish, Viatnemese, Russian, Danish, Hindi, Japanese...

When you enter the job's description, you'll see how many times the job was viewed, and more importantly, how many people bid on it so far, before making your own offer. Considering this is a translator community, you'll also have access to various useful resources, such as glossaries.



Alexa Global Rank: 886,334 • Most users from: India (49%)
Global Rank: 749,463 • Category Rank: 2,109
Search volume: 9,900/mo
Number of available jobs: 60+

TRADUguide offers another straightforward job board with a bidding system - you can browse through the available jobs by date posted, or language pair. Each job has its number of already made offers listed, and you'll also be able to view what projects are currently closed for bidding.

The language pairs are versatile, so you'll get a chance to work on projects requiring Korean <>Chinese, German <> English, Romanian <>Hungarian, Latin <>German…

Once you see something that fits your skills, you can send your quote directly from the website.



Alexa Global Rank: 9,304 • Most users from: US (9%)
Global Rank: 14,395 • Category Rank: 152
Search volume: 6,600/mo • Total Visits: 5.13M
Number of available jobs: 1000+

Proz.com offers an extensive job-board with the latest offerings in translation jobs (languages pairs include Spanish to French, English to Norwegian, German to French, etc.) - a lot of clients request freelancers especially.

You can view projects specs (word count, document type, requirements, time left to submit quote, the number of people who already submitted quotes), before submitting your own estimation. You'll also be able to view the client's rating showing how likely they are to provide repeat work.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,242
Global Rank: 1,265,109 • Category Rank: 3,391
Search volume: 480/mo

Globtra is a translation community where you can connect with clients and take on various translation projects - you'll just need to open a free account, select your language pair(s), and define your skills first.

Within this website you can run a translation business on a small scale - search the available job offers and respond to project invitations from clients. You'll get to choose your own payment method (PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers), and have your invoices and payments processed through Gobtra.



Alexa Global Rank: 274,235 • Most users from: US (20%)
Global Rank: 446,174 • Category Rank: 1,296
Search volume: 1,000/mo • Total Visits: 80.42K
Number of available jobs: 800+

TranslatorBase is a straightforward job board with various language pairs (English - Arabic, Bulgarian - German, Spanish - Estonian, etc) and translation jobs you can choose from (translating CV documents, learning modules, books, video and audio transcripts, etc).

You can browse through jobs manually, or search by specific Source and Target language, and type of project.



Alexa Global Rank: 37,735 • Most users from: Japan (28%)
Global Rank: 53,188 • Category Rank: 212
Search volume: 1,910/mo • Total Visits: 585.45K

Gengo is an exclusive translation platform where it's difficult to get in, but you'll get to enjoy a number of great benefits if you do.

You'll be able to choose your own projects and clients, partake in the website's forum, as well as make use of innovative translator technology and other resources.

Local Freelance Jobs

Remote work with clients all over the world is rewarding, but sometimes you're just looking for something local - and here's where you should look.

TaskRabbit • Uber • Localsolo



Alexa Global Rank: 35,835 • Most users from: US (81%)
Global Rank: 35,835 • Category Rank: 238
Search volume: 1,010/mo • Total Visits: 820.25K

TaskRabbit is a US location-based marketplace where you can apply to become a "Tasker" and gain access to a number of different (mostly physical) jobs in your neighbourhood.

You'll be able to create a profile, define your skills and price, in order to attract clients - available work includes furniture assembly, heavy lifting, and home improvement, among other work.



Alexa Global Rank: 1,145 • Most users from: US (39%)
Global Rank: 637 • Category Rank: 4
Search volume: 27,100/mo • Total Visits: 64.37M

You can get a ride with Uber, but did you know you can easily apply to become an Uber driver?

You'll be able to set your own schedule, take on rides when it's convenient for you, and get paid on a weekly basis. You will, however, have to meet certain requirements, like being at least 21 years old, having at least a one-year old licence (or three, if you're 23), and having access to a 4-door vehicle 10 years old or newer, among other requirements.



Alexa Global Rank: 784,283
Global Rank: 1,647,000 • Category Rank: 3,420
Search volume: 480/mo

Localsolo is a location-based freelance job platform, where you can occasionally find freelance work near you (though remote work is occasionally an option).

From time to time, you'll be able to find anything from software engineering to wedding photo editors - so keep this website also in mind for your freelance work.

Website Type Popular In Global Rank Jobs Rating
People Per Hour General India (32%) 6,022 7,000 ★★★
Jooble General Russia (12%) 784 928,000 ★★★
Upwork General US (32%) 418 74,000 ★★★
The Muse General US (55%) 4,406 160 ★★★
FlexJobs General US (61%) 18,137 1,200 ★★
Working Nomads General US (28%) 132,233 17,900 ★★
SolidGigs General US (31%) 521,791 240
Nexxt General US (89%) 30,897 1,140,000 ★★
Skip the Drive General US (46%) 345,935 700 ★★
Toptal General US (25%) 6,690 [n/a] ★★★
Remotive General US (31%) 189,191 100,000
Authentic Jobs General US (38%) 248,414 30
LinkedIn PROfinder General US (39%) 25 [n/a] ★★★
AngelList General US (45%) 3,169 105,500
Virtual Vocations General US (85%) 56,373 4,300 ★★
Guru General India (37%) 10,107 1,700 ★★★
goLance General Germany (22%) 147,678 200 ★★
CloudPeeps General US (31%) 286,008 [n/a]
Genuine Jobs General India (64%) 854,642 2,000
ProgrammerMeetDesigner General India (74%) 1,482,140 15
Monster General US (64%) 2,522 1,000,000 ★★★
Dice General US (74%) 8,513 60 ★★
Indeed General US (51%) 146 767,600 ★★★
ZipRecruiter General US (83%) 2,023 1,000,000 ★★
OnSite General UK (52%) 881,379 [n/a]
Krop General US (44%) 238,349 150 ★★
SA Creatives General South Africa (84%) 1,580,728 30
CareerBuilder General US (82%) 4,817 300 ★★★
Parttimerz General Ecuador (27%) 2,401,604 5
SimplyHired General US (71%) 8,312 1,800,000 ★★★
Freelance Directory General India (37%) 949,489 [n/a]
Freelancer General India (23%) 1,233 15,300 ★★★
Service Scape General US (60%) 164,244 [n/a]
Worhire General India (89%) 70,425 2,900 ★★
Cult Jobs General Singapore (84%) 306,706 700 ★★
Craigstlist General US (90%) 118 1,000,000 ★★
Freelance My Way Beginners India (65,9%) 918,151 5
XPlace Beginners Israel (52%) 112,934 2,500 ★★
Damongo Beginners [n/a] 971,131 250
Hireable Beginners US (88%) 431,219 660 ★★
We Work Remotely Beginners US (49%) 40,545 380 ★★
Truelancer Beginners India (57%) 24,743 3,000 ★★
Freelanced Beginners US (41%) 346,090 120
College Recruiter Beginners US (53%) 190,121 240,000 ★★
Fiverr Beginners US (27%) 335 [n/a] ★★
Stack Overflow Developers US (22%) 49 1,500 ★★★
ScalablePath Developers US (59%) 240,161 [n/a]
GitHub Jobs Developers US (23%) 48 320 ★★★
CodePen Developers India (17%) 790 35 ★★★
10X Management Developers [n/a] 1,532,608 [n/a]
Sologig Developers India (48%) 1,611,151 7,000 ★★
Joomlancers Developers India (63%) 1,320,939 20
Gun.io Developers US (42%) 328,555 [n/a]
PowertoFly Developers US (60%) 187,081 14,500 ★★
Codeable Developers US (40%) 90,853 [n/a]
WPHired Developers India (57%) 978,177 90
Smashing Magazine Designers US (68%) 10,175 15 ★★
99designs Designers US (29%) 4,425 [n/a] ★★★
DesignHill Designers India (28%) 20,494 13,000 ★★
DesignCrowd Designers US (17%) 18,950 360 ★★
Behance Designers US (13%) 360 95 ★★★
Art Wanted Designers India (32%) 267,472 [n/a]
SquadHelp Designers India (38%) 62,369 470 ★★
Envato Studio Designers US (17%) 795 [n/a] ★★★
Dribble Designers US (19%) 862 350 ★★★
YunoJuni Designers UK (82%) 218,668 [n/a]
Folyo Designers US (36%) 648,644 [n/a] ★★
Coroflot Designers US (31%) 39,365 400 ★★
Graphicriver Designers US (15%) 3,014 [n/a]
Awesome Web Designers US (55%) 974,833 [n/a]
DesignBro Designers [n/a] 1,792,027 [n/a]
Crowd Spring Designers US (35%) 82,893 [n/a]
Brand Crowd Designers India (37%) 17,884 [n/a]
Working not Working Designers US (79%) 118,120 400
MyFonts Designers US (23%) 3,796 [n/a]
Assemble.tv Media Production US (86%) 1,971,235 [n/a] ★★
Production HUB Media Production US (80%) 63,703 430 ★★
Mandy Media Production UK (52%) 26,213 6,500 ★★★
Stage 32 Media Production US (50%) 104,879 260 ★★
Suport driven Customer Support US (41%) 721,549 80 ★★
Commission Crowd Sales Professionals UK (37%) 382,403 500
Bidivine Sales Professionals UK (69%) 163,780 36,000
SalesForce Jobs Sales Professionals US (57%) 123 2,900 ★★★
FreeeUp Sales Professionals US (37%) 108,980 [n/a]
Scripted Writers US (41%) 134,739 [n/a] ★★
BloggingPro Job board Writers US (33%) 195,798 50 ★★★
Contently Writers US (42%) 57,353 100 ★★
Freelance Writing Writers US (39%) 100,650 [n/a] ★★
ProBlogger Job board Writers US (32%) 46,397 90 ★★★
WriterAccess Writers US (72%) 86,542 [n/a]
Freedomw with Writing Writers US (41%) 151,648 20 ★★★
Freelance Writing Gigs Writers US (38%) 215,729 20
Mediabistro Writers US (65%) 58,558 1,800 ★★★
Canadian Freelance Writing Writers Canada (93%) 3,289,455 100
Contena Writers Canada (93%) 394,213 450 ★★
Kolabtree Writers US (33%) 234,014 40 ★★
Freelance Writing Jobs Writers US (37%) 515,082 10
Journalism Jobs Writers US (70%) 121,298 1,200 ★★
PubLoft Writers US (90%) 569,847 [n/a] ★★
Paid to Blog Writers [n/a] 2,654,804 75 ★★★
Get Photography Jobs Photographers US (72%) 1,327,433 13,000 ★★
Photography Jobs Finder Photographers [n/a] 4,461,426 80
The Creative Loft Photographers US (88%) 1,093,948 14,100 ★★
Jobs at Cruise Ships Photographers US (23%) 289,858 3-15 ★★
Mturk.com Data Entry US (42%) 5,131 [n/a] ★★★
Clickworker Data Entry Germany (19%) 40,171 [n/a] ★★
Assistants Match Virtual Assistance [n/a] 1,755,476 [n/a]
Time Etc. Virtual Assistance US (46%) 268,800 20,000 ★★
Wordlwide 101 Virtual Assistance US (31%) 442,449 [n/a] ★★
Fancy Hands Virtual Assistance US (77%) 175,910 [n/a] ★★
Belay Virtual Assistance US (82%) 1,223,119 [n/a] ★★★
Zirtual Virtual Assistance US (49%) 280,879 [n/a]
HelloRache Virtual Assistance Philippines (68%) 2,672,119 [n/a]
VA Networking Virtual Assistance US (42%) 420,600 [n/a] ★★
Tutor.com Tutors US (48%) 60,377 [n/a] ★★★
TutorEye Tutors India (57.6%) 1,075,552 [n/a]
Udemy Tutors US (18%) 231 [n/a] ★★★
Skooli Tutors US (45%) 319,038 [n/a] ★★
Tutor Pace Inc. Tutors US (53%) 1,094,912 [n/a] ★★
Unbabel Translators US (22%) 100,671 [n/a]
Acolad Translators France (24%) 927,728 [n/a] ★★
Translators Cafe Translators Russia (18%) 20,086 200 ★★
TRADYguide Translators India (49%) 886,334 60 ★★
Proz Translators US (90%) 9,304 1,000 ★★★
Globtra Translators [n/a] 1,242,434 [n/a] ★★★
TranslatorBase Translators US (20%) 274,235 700 ★★
Gengo Translators Japan (28%) 37,735 [n/a] ★★
TaskRabbit Local Jobs US (81%) 35,835 [n/a]
Uber Local Jobs US (39%) 1,145 [n/a]
Localsolo Local Jobs [n/a] 784,283 [n/a]

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