You can send a private link to a report to others so they can have access to data in real-time without having to have a Clockify account.

How to share a report #

  1. Use filters to filter out data
  2. Customize report (choose date range, grouping, sort, rounding, show/hide amount)
  3. Click on the share icon (located between Print and Rounding)
  4. Enter report name (this will be displayed as a title of the report in the header and in PDF export)
  5. Choose who can open link (public/private) and whether date range can be changed (lock dates)
  6. Click "Create Link"
  7. Copy the link and send it to others

You can access all the links you've created from the Shared page. There you can update the link (name, visibility, and lock date), as well as see what filters are applied in a report, by clicking on three dots.

Permissions #

Shared reports always reflect the creator's current set of permissions.

For example, if you create a report as an admin with billable amounts and all time entries, but you later become a regular users, the report will no longer show billable amounts and will show only time entries which you can see according to workspace settings.

Shared reports page shows only the links you've personally created.

All time in the shared report is displayed as according the creator's time zone.

Once you delete a shared report, the link will become inactive and browser will display a blank page.

  • Public: anyone with the link can open it.
  • Private: no one can see it unless they: have a Clockify account, are part of your workspace, and are part of the selected group.

What viewers can do #

  • Can change the date range (unless you lock dates)
  • Can export the results in PDF, CSV, and Excel
  • Can sort by other criteria

What viewers can't do #

  • Can't change grouping and subgrouping options
  • Can't edit anything (it's read-only)