You can export data and download reports in PDF, CSV, and Excel, and then send the export to your accountant/payroll, keep as a personal backup, or import data into a spreadsheet and analyze the results.

To export a report:

  1. Go to the report you want to export
  2. Click Export
  3. Choose format and the report will be automatically saved on your computer

Only the data that’s in the report will be exported. So if you have filters applied, the export will only contain filtered data.

Grouping options in Summary report will affect how your exports look like. So for example, if you group by User and subgroup by Description, data will be grouped that way in the export also.

Export of Summary report doesn't contain timestamps. If you need timestamps, you should export Detailed report.

If you want a full export of all time entries, you can go to Detailed report, choose the longest date range, and export the results. The file will include all the time entries and their details.

If you wish to export time without billable data, you can click "Show amount" and choose "Hide amount".