You can let clients track how much time you’ve worked on their projects, by sharing a saved report with them.

  1. Filter a report by client
  2. Save report and leave visibility set to Public
  3. Hover over Reports in the main left sidebar and click Saved Reports
  4. Copy the URL of the saved report you wish to send
  5. Send your client the URL
  6. The client can open the link at any time and see how much time you’ve tracked on their projects in real time

When you set a saved report as public, anyone who has the link can see the report; meaning, your client won’t have to create a Clockify account – you can just send them the link and they can open it instantly.

Once you delete a saved report, the link will become inactive and a browser will display a blank page.

What clients can and can’t do #

  • Can change the date range
  • Can export the results in PDF, CSV, and Excel
  • Can change grouping and subgrouping options
  • Can’t edit anything (it’s read-only)