Managing reports

Issue 1: Reports data vs projects data #

Problem: Reports data and project data don’t match #

Solution: #

If, for some reason, when reviewing client’s hours, the detailed report data doesn’t match project status data, you can try to troubleshoot this problem.

  1. Open the menu next to the workspace name
  2. Choose Workspace settings from the dropdown
  3. Set the time format to: hh:mm:ss
  4. Run the report 
  5. See if there is a match between the two

Issue 2: Inactive users in reports #

Problem: Inactive users are not displayed in reports #

Solution: #

All time entries are kept in the system and displayed in the reports. 

This is done if: 

  1. User is deleted/inactive
  2. Project is archived
  3. Task is marked as done 

Entries disappear only when deleted manually, either by the user who created them, or by the admin.

You can see the time entries of deleted/inactive users in the e.g. Summary report when you group it by user and export the full report.

To see deactivated users’ time entries:

  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. In Summary report, choose Inactive in Team filter

You’ll get a list of inactive users.


  1. Go to Reports tab
  2. In Summary report, choose Users in Team filter
  3. Switch to Detailed report

You’ll see each time entry of inactive or deleted user.

Issue 3: Generating project report with invoices #

Problem: Is it possible to generate project report with invoices #

Solution: #

This feature is not available at the moment.

However, Clockify offers you a workaround. You can only filter out time entries if they’re invoiced in the filter Status, but not the actual invoice.

After your entries have been invoiced:

  1. Go to the Reports page
  2. Choose Summary report
  3. Filter out your time entries in the filter Status

Now you have a list of invoiced time entries in a Summary report. If you’d like to have this list in some other format, you can do that by exporting it in some of the formats that we support.
For more information on the export, check this Help Center article.

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