Upcoming Feature Roadmap


Desktop app
Install and use Clockify as a desktop app so time tracking is more convenient.
Connect Clockify to project management and invoicing apps you already use.
Bulk Edit
Mass edit time enries in a few clicks.
Keyboard shortcuts
Navigate faster using keyboard shortcuts.
Lock time entries
Prevent previous time entries from being edited.
CSV import
Upload data (clients, projects, users, time entries, tags) in bulk.
Edit profiles
Enables workspace administrators to edit team members' names, access rights, billable rates, etc.
Scheduled reports to email
Get fresh reports in your email every day, week, or month.
Get notified when a project has reached a certain percent of its estimated time, or goes over limit.


Browser extension
Track time from browser or within other apps without having to open Clockify.
Android app
Use Clockify as an Android app while on the go.
Remind your team members to track time if they've tracked less than their target hours.

In Progress

Open API
In case you want to develop something custom that integrates with Clockify.
Time audit
Find time entries that are too short/long or the ones that miss a project/task.
Time rounding
Round time entries to 15,30, or 60-minute intervals in reports.
Archive projects
Archive projects you've completed so they don't get in the way.


Export Excel
Export reports as Excel files (.xlsx).
iOS app
Install Clockify on your iPhone so you can track time with greater convenience.
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