Upcoming Features Roadmap


Import data
Mass import projects and time entries by uploading a file.
Advanced reports
Enter labor costs and get extra control over reports.
Custom fields
Add more input fields when tracking time.
Scheduled reports
Receive a custom time report in your inbox every day, week, or month.
Audit log
Record history of everything that happened in your workspace.
Type what you're working on, and Clockify will autofill everything else for you.
Use Clockify in your own native language.
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In Progress

Responsive design
Use Clockify website comfortably from any device, no matter the screen size.
Automatic lock
Your lock date will get auto-updated each day, week, or month.
Team activity
See who works on what in real time and when someone was last active.
Zapier integration
Connect Clockify to 1,000+ apps and automate your workflow.
Better Time Tracker, Dashboard, and Reports pages.

Recently Finished

Hide pages
Hide Team, Reports, and Projects pages so only admins can see them.
Bulk edit
Update multiple time entries and projects at once.
Time grouping
Group entries for the same activity in reports.
Get notified when a project reaches a certain percent of its estimated time.
Project templates
Create many similar projects with the same task structure quickly.
Add time for others
See your team member's timesheets and add time for them.

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