Upcoming Features


Develop and extend Clockify with custom functionality.
See history of project's progress and get a tentative end date.
Clock-in kiosk
Set up a simple kiosk for employee clock-in and clock-out.
Edit profiles
Edit your team's name, email, and week start.
Copy timesheet
Fill timesheets with time from template or last week.
Multiple currencies
Define different currencies for different clients.
Multiple approvals
Allow timesheets to be approved by multiple people, including project managers.
Group manager
Assign groups to team managers.
Expense report
Summarize and break down expenses, and export to Excel/PDF.
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In Progress

Record expenses by sum or unit, and later invoice them.
Visualize and plan capacity, and schedule your team across projects.
Audit log
See all changes made in your workspace.
Improved Windows app
Idle detection, Pomodoro, reminders, and improved auto tracker.
Improved approval
See unsubmitted time and send reminders.

Recently Finished

Use Clockify in your native language.
Time off
Track holidays, vacations, accruals, and balance.
Calendar integration
Add events from Google and Outlook calendars.
QuickBooks integration
Send time from Clockify to QuickBooks.
Auto tracker
Track websites and programs you use.

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