Upcoming Features Roadmap


Import data
Mass import clients, projects, and time entries from a file.
Scheduled reports
Receive custom reports in your inbox each day or week.
Get a list of previous activities when tracking time.
Project budget
Financial estimates, monthly budgets, expenses, and project status export.
Notify 3rd-party apps and services when something happens in Clockify.
Better integrations
Smarter integrations with other apps (Trello, Asana, QuickBooks, Slack, Jira, calendar).
Use Clockify in your own language.
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In Progress

Improved reports
Hide amount, sort data, task rates, historic rates, better filtering, and link sharing.
Labor costs
See what you charge clients vs what you have to pay to your team.
Submit timesheets to managers for approval.
Custom fields
Add custom input fields when tracking time.
Android app (new)
Improved and better working Android app.

Recently Finished

Cloud SSO
Use your company's single sign-on system to give and control access.
Control user accounts
Manage, enter, and edit accounts of your users.
Better timer management
Idle detection, time tracking reminders, and auto-stop timer (Chrome/Firefox extension).
Improved timesheet
Works on mobile devices and better integration with time tracker.
Improved time tracker
Time grouping, bulk edit, mobile design, and much more.

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