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Bulk edit
Select and edit multiple time entries with one click.
Profitability report
Enter labor costs and see how profitable your projects are.
Zapier integration
Connect Clockify to 1,000+ apps with automated workflows using Zapier.
CSV import
Mass import your time tracking and project history.
Time grouping
Same entries on the Time Tracker page will be grouped together.
Shortcuts & auto-complete
Type what you're working on, and Clockify will autofill everything else for you.
Use Clockify in your preferred language.
Custom fields
Add more input fields when tracking time.

In Progress

Get notified when a project reaches a certain percent of its estimated time.
Project templates
Create many similar projects with the same task structure quickly.
Add time for others
See your team member's timesheets and add time for them.

Recently Finished

Windows desktop app
Install and use Clockify as a Windows app.
Targets & reminders
Automatically remind your team members to track time if they've tracked less than their target hours.
Android app
Use Clockify on Android devices.
Track time from inside your favourite web app (Trello, Github, Gmail, etc.)
Chrome extension
Track time without having to open Clockify.
Open API
Develop a custom integration and get data to and from Clockify.
Required fields
Prevent users from adding incomplete time entries (eg. without project).
Time rounding
Round time entries to 15,30, or 60-minute intervals in reports.

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