Upcoming Features


Calendar integration
Import events from calendar into Clockify (Apple, Google, Outlook).
Decimal format
See and enter duration in decimals.
Audit log
See all changes made in your workspace.
PTO tracking
Track paid time-off and see accruals.
Visualize unused hours on a project and plan capacity.
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In Progress

Estimates in reports
See and export estimates directly in reports.
Edit time in Calendar
Add and edit time directly in the calendar view.
Improved Windows app
Idle detection, Pomodoro, reminders, auto-tracker, and more.
Automatically start and stop the timer when you enter the worksite.
Customize exports
Choose what you wish to see in Excel, CSV, and PDF report.
QuickBooks integration
Send time from Clockify to QuickBooks.

Recently Finished

Watch work unfold with optional screenshots.
Create invoices from tracked time.
Project budget
Set estimates on projects in monetary terms.
GPS tracking
Simplify clock-in and clock-out of remote workers.
Task rates
Set rates on tasks and choose which ones are billable.
Import timesheets
Mass import time entries from a file.
Calendar view
See your tracked time on a timeline.
Scheduled reports
Receive custom reports in your inbox each day or week.

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