Upcoming Features


QuickBooks integration
Native two-way QuickBooks integration.
Import time
Mass import time entries from a file.
Project budget
Financial estimates, monthly budgets, expenses, and project status export.
Audit log
Track changes made by users in your workspace.
Scheduled reports
Receive custom reports in your inbox each day or week.
Calendar integration
Native two-way iCal integration.
Use Clockify in your native language.
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In Progress

Get a list of previous activities when tracking time.
Manager role
Give users manager role so they can manage their team's time.
Import projects
Mass import projects, clients, tasks, and tags from a file.

Recently Finished

Submit timesheets for official approval.
Jira integration
Native two-way Jira integration.
Improved reports
Improved filtering, sharing, performance, and design.
Notify 3rd-party apps and services when something happens in Clockify.
Labor cost and profit
Compare what you pay your team vs what you charge clients.
Historic rates
Apply new hourly rates while preserving old rates on previous time entries.
Custom fields
Add custom input fields when tracking time.

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