XayLi Barclay

How Clockify helped visual content creation coach XayLi Barclay boost business growth.


XayLi Barclay is a visual content creation coach and the CEO of the Start Shoot Grow Video Academy. XayLi has been creating video content since 2006, and she’s been teaching it since 2014. She also organizes online courses, whose goal is to teach people how to be confident in front of the camera. In addition, XayLi helps other businesses build their brand by using video content.

XayLi is also a host of an annual summit with Thinkific — a software platform that helps entrepreneurs create their own online courses. The summit is called Think in Color and its goal is to celebrate women of color working in the online space.

Challenge XayLi Barclay faced

As an entrepreneur, XayLi was struggling with being in charge of her day and her business. As she explains, that’s difficult because being an entrepreneur means working for yourself and managing your hours all by yourself. This can be daunting — especially when you don’t track your time.

Moreover, creative businesses deal with a lot of non-billable tasks, and they need a way to separate billable from non-billable assignments.

Solutions XayLi Barclay found with Clockify

XayLi points out that Clockify helped her and her team track and see everyone’s overall hours. Since her team is usually dealing with different tasks and projects, they use Clockify’s insights and reports to keep an eye on all the details.

With Clockify’s project features, this team can also get insights for specific projects — which comes in handy when they want to see how much time they’re spending on individual projects.

Finally, what XayLi also finds useful about Clockify is the fact that this app allows separating billable from non-billable activities and tasks.

“We have so much going on. So, I need to know what’s taking up the most time and what’s taking up the least time. And, I like to be very mindful of those things. I also love being able to pre-schedule and see what we have going on. And, if there’s a change in my calendar, I love that it reflects on Clockify.”

Who would XayLi Barclay recommend Clockify to and why?

XayLi recommends Clockify to both small and medium-sized businesses.

In her opinion, small businesses should track time to understand what they’re spending their time on.

And, speaking of medium-sized businesses, XayLi believes that Clockify can help such businesses see other people’s time, manage different projects, and perform many other tasks.

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