NMCO Studio

How Clockify helped creative agency NMCO Studio build trust with their clients.


NMCO Studio is a full-house creative agency. Even though their team consists of only 11 people, their services include video production, web development, graphic design, and animation. This marketing agency prides itself on winning two Silver Addy awards for the campaigns it did, in a competition organized for advertising and media agencies, hosted by The American Advertising Federation.

Challenges NMCO Studio faced

One of the challenges NMCO Studio faced was validating their work and pricing.

In addition, spending too much time getting lost in low-value projects and neglecting high-value projects were also key issues.

Solutions NMCO Studio found with Clockify

Thanks to Clockify’s hourly rate features, teams at NMCO Studio can customize hourly rates for each client and set different price ranges depending on the size of a client.

Additionally, Clockify helps NMCO Studio with presenting reports to their clients — within these reports, clients can see the time logged, the number of meetings, requested revisions, workshopping, and everything in between, with detailed notes and the time spent on each type of activity.

“When working remotely, I can watch what creatives are doing all day in Clockify in real-time. She’s working on a graphic, or he’s working on this video. If there’s no time in Clockify, are they even clocked in? Are they working? It’s like a safe card.”

Who would NMCO Studio recommend Clockify to and why?

According to NMCO Studio, Clockify is the perfect solution for any growing agency because it gives these agencies a chance to run reports with all the necessary details.

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