Alex Beadon

How Clockify helped launch strategist Alex Beadon improve team visibility and efficiency.


Alex Beadon is a launch strategist — Alex and her team help businesses devise and implement successful and profitable product launches.

Team Beadon includes four people, and Alex is their leader.

She is also the creator of Together We Launch — a 6-month program designed to take course creators and membership site owners through their first six-figure launch.

Challenges Alex Beadon and her team faced

Before they started tracking their time, Team Beadon had no visibility — they didn’t have a clear idea of when everyone was working since their team is dispersed across different time zones. Thus, it was difficult to be effective on a team level and feel connected to teammates.

Solutions Alex Beadon found with Clockify

With Clockify, Alex and her team can see what everyone’s working on at any moment. Thanks to better visibility, their team can also improve their overall workflow.

Moreover, Team Beadon uses an option to filter Clockify projects, and see how much time they spend on each project and each task within the project.

Furthermore, with Clockify’s calendar view, Alex and her team can have a clear overview of their time.

“Clockify has changed our workflow immensely. Because you don’t know where you’re spending your time until you actually have it written down somewhere. And then, every single week, we look at where the entire team’s time went, and this is what brings us clarity.”

Who would Alex Beadon recommend Clockify to and why?

Alex Beadon recommends Clockify to all solopreneurs. Solopreneurs can easily slip into time wasting or overexert themselves. But, with time tracking, solopreneurs can be aware of how much time they’re investing — and if the hours they’ve invested into business are bringing in the desired results.

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