Time Tracking

Start and stop the timer as you work through your to-do list, or enter all your hours in one go.

Time tracking in Clockify screenshot Time tracking in Clockify screenshot

Track time automatically

Type what you're working on, click Start, and the timer starts ticking.

Add time manually

Forgot to start the timer? You can always enter your time manually later.

Continue tracking

Continue where you left off without having to retype what you're working on.

Edit and delete time entries

Made a mistake? You can always edit time records later.

Mark time as billable or non-billable

Separate billable from non-billable work so you can track both productivity and hourly rates.

Organize time records by project and client

Add a client and project as you track time so everything is neatly organized.

Add additional information using tags

You can use multiple tags for each time entries for advanced organization.


Dashboard is a place where you can track your productivity at a glance. You can see:

  • How much time you’ve tracked that day or week
  • Where most of your time went
  • Did you fulfill your time quota
  • What your team has been working on
Dashboard in Clockify screenshot


Clockify gives you three types of reports so you can get a better handle on your business

Summary time report in Clockify screenshot

Summary report

Summary report gives you a general overview of all the time entries. It lets you choose time frames, filter what you're looking for, and group results for better analysis.

Weekly report

Weekly report lets you see time records as a classic timesheet. It's great for seeing how many hours people on your team logged each day in the week.

Detailed report

Detailed report is similair to Summary report, only it lets you directly edit time entries. This is useful when you need to clean and organize timesheets.

Summary report gives you a general overview of all the time entries. It lets you choose time frames, filter what you're looking for, and group results for better analysis.

Clockify's reports lets you figure out:

  • How much money you make per project
  • Who your top clients are
  • What you need to invoice
  • Where you spend most of your time
  • Whether your team tracked enough hours

Find exactly what you need with filters

You can filter by project, task, client, tag, team member, time period, billability, or the name of the time record.

Group and sort time records

Group time records by project, client, or user so you can better analyze results.

Screenshot of what you can do with reports in Clockify

Print and export reports in PDF, CSV, and Excel

Share reports with your accountant for smooth invoicing, or import data to a spreadsheet for deeper analysis.

Save and share reports

Share your timesheets with clients in realtime so they can check them any time they want, without being able to edit anything.

Team Management

Clockify's unique feature is that it's free no matter how many users you have. This makes Clockify a great fit if you have a large team.

Screenshot of team management feature in Clockify (Workspaces)


Set up a separate workspace for each departmant so things don't mix up. For example, you can have one workspace for workers, another for administration, and one for contractors.


You can control whether everyone in a workspace can see billable rates and other people's time records, or not.

User groups

User group lets you assign multiple people to a project. So when someone leaves the company, you don't have to go through all of the projects - you just edit the group.


Your team will know whenever they're added to a new workspace, team, or a project.

Project Management

See how your project progresses, what's been done, and whether you're within budget.

Screenshot of project management features in Clockify

Tasks and assignees

Define what kind of work need to be done on a project so your team can choose it when tracking time.


Set an estimate for each task or a whole project so you can compare tracked vs estimated time.

Hourly rates

Define hourly rates for different tasks so Clockify can calculate how much you earn.

Works Everywhere

Works Everywhere

Clockify is a web-based app which works in a browser. There's no installation and it can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.

Clockify works in all major internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge)

iOS app

iPhone app lets your team log hours while outside the office.

More Features Coming Soon

  • Browser extension
  • Android app
  • Custom alerts
  • Open API