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How to set up a time clock

If you have employees that don’t have their own work computer or a phone, the easiest way for them to track their attendance is via kiosk.

You simply take any device you have (like a tablet), place it at the door, open a link where people can clock in, and employees can punch in and enter their PIN to clock in when they come to work.

User interface displayed in this video may not correspond to the latest version of the app.

Workflow #

  1. Invite team – you can invite them either by sending an invite link via email (in case they need personal login so they can use the mobile app) on the Team page, or add employees by name as limited members
  2. Create groups – assign people to groups to make user management easier
  3. Create categories – by default, time is allocated to projects, but you can rename it to jobs, locations, or any other term you’re using at work (please note that renaming categories will affect the entire workspace and may disrupt an already established workflow, since it doesn’t affect only kiosk)
  4. Create kiosk – you can have a separate kiosk for each type of work or a location, and have different people assigned to each one
  5. Get PIN codes (BASIC plan) – you can export all PIN codes from the kiosk or see each person’s PIN on the Team page
  6. Open kiosk link – take any device, open the link, log in, and enable full screen mode
  7. Clock in and clock out (BASIC plan) – your members select themselves from the list, enter their PIN code, and clock in (or start break)
  8. Run reports – you can see in reports all time summarized, or have a detailed breakdown of each clock in and break (BASIC plan), or see as a weekly timesheet

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