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Accrue time off

Time off is a paid feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Use the Balance tab to track the days you’ve accrued for time off. See how much time off each member has for each policy, how much they’ve used up, and the detailed log of changes in their balance history. 

Managing accruals #

You can view balance by policy (e.g. vacation balance for each team member) or by user (e.g. balance for each policy for a specific user).

Regular users can see balance history only for their own policies, admins can see everyone’s, and team managers can see their team members’:

  • Accrued – how many days or hours a person received
  • Used – how many days or hours a person used up by requesting time off
  • Available – how many days or hours a person has left which they can use when requesting time off (accrued minus used)

Before people can take time off, you first need to give them days (or hours), which they can use up when requesting time off:

  • If a person doesn’t have any time accrued, you can set initial balance by clicking Add
  • You can add or remove accrual days/hours by clicking on the three dots (and leave a comment why the person received or lost time off)
  • You can add or remove days/hours in bulk when you view balance grouped by policy, and then check for which users you wish to add/remove time off

When admin adds or removes time off manually, the accrued columns are updated.

When a person’s balance is manually updated (via add or remove), they and their team manager will receive an email.

Balance history #

If you need to know why a certain person has X number of days, you can click on the three dots and click History.

  • Regular users can see only their own balance, as well as balance history.
  • Admins can see balance for each person, as well as add or remove accrued days/hours.
  • Team managers can see balance and balance history for all their members, but can’t edit it.

Balance history lists all the time off requests a person made, their status, and changes to their accrual: you can see what was changed, when, and who made it:

  • Pending and approved requests remove time from the balance
  • Rejected and withdrawn requests add back the original time to the balance
  • Admin’s manual action can add or remove from accrued balance (e.g. a member receives days off when a new period starts, or they work overtime and receive time in lieu)

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