Free Timer App

Clockify is the most popular free timer app for tracking how much time you spend on activities.

Available for web, desktop, and mobile

Free productivity tracker screenshot Over 260,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity

How the timer app works

Step 1

Create an account

Sign up for free, download apps (mobile and desktop), and log in.

Step 2

Start timer

Type what you're working and start a timer with one click or tap.

Start timer from the app
Step 3

Stop the timer

Once you're finished, you can categorize time by project. When you start working again, start a timer for a previous activity with one click

Time entry details
Step 4

Run reports

See what you've worked on, broken down by day and project.

Summary report

Timer feautures

Insanely simple

Start a timer with just one click or tap.

Works everywhere

Track time via web, or in a desktop and mobile app.

Works offline

All offline tracked time will get synced once you are online.


Check how productive you were that day at a glance.

Export data

Save all your tracked data in CSV, PDF, or Excel file.

Billable hours

Enter hourly rates to your billable hours calculated.