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Simple and free task tracker app. Track what you and your team are working on so you can know who worked on what.

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Insanely simple task tracker app

Track what you're working on from anywhere

Start timer for a task with one click. You can track time from your browser, or via extension, desktop, and mobile app.

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See who works on what

Dashboard shows you on which tasks you spend the most time. It can also show you what your team is working on and where they spend time.

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Manage projects and monitor progress

Create projects and tasks, and assign people to them. Estimate how long each task should take and check progress.

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How to track daily activity

Step 1

Create account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Set up tasks and projects

Create tasks and to-dos on projects, and categorize projects by client. Then, all you have to do is choose a project/task, write an optional description of what you're doing, and start the timer.

Set up projects for task tracking
Step 3

Install task tracker app

You can track what you're working on online in the browser, or via desktop and mobile app (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux). The apps also come packed with useful time tracking features like reminders, idle detection, and more.

Task tracker for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux Chrome time tracking extension - start timer
Step 4

Track work inside other apps

Install Chrome or Firefox extension and a timer button will appear in your favorite online web apps so you can track time more easily (Trello, Asana, Todoist, etc.).

Time tracking integration for freelancers Asana Time tracking integration for freelancers Trello Time tracking integration for freelancers Todoist
Step 5

Continue tracking with one click

Continue timer for an activity by clicking on the entry in the list.

Productivity tracker app - continue tracking
Step 6

Analyze activity

Open Dashboard to see your most tracked activities and on which tasks you spend the most time.

Dashboard where you can analyze tracked time and productivity
Step 7

Compare estimated vs real time

Set estimates for projects and tasks, and then see how much time you really spend on activities.

Project status shows you how much money projects earn or cost, and how much time was tracked vs estimated
Step 8

Export reports

You can run an online report and break down time tracking data however you need. When the time comes, export the report as PDF, Excel, or CSV, or share a link to the report with your client.

Download report samples: PDFCSVExcel

PDF time exports

Know what you've worked on

Clockify is a modern task tracker and timekeeping app that works across devices. By tracking work in Clockify, you'll have real data that shows you exactly what you've worked on and how much.

Clockify can help you:

  • Identify time sinks and improve your productivity
  • Know how much your time is worth and improve project profitability
  • Bill clients quickly and accurately
  • Run your business better and be more organized