How Benjamin Moróne Uses Clockify to Recruit Better Talent

The recruitment industry is notoriously unpredictable. To make it in this branche, you need great ideas and the ability to increase margins.

Enter Benjamin Moróne, a recruitment wiz with a knack for entrepreneurship. Combining his recruitment skills with a feeling for doing business, Benjamin built Zabota, a company that is making waves in the recruitment industry.

In this article detailing his entrepreneurial beginnings, we also discuss how he uses Clockify to maintain his company’s productivity and profitability.

Let’s get into it.

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  • Recruiter Benjamin Moróne uses time audits, summary and attendance reports for payroll and time allocation.
  • To get more granular on tracking time in Airtable, Benjamin benefits from Clockify’s Airtable integration.
  • Benjamin recommends Clockify to freelancers, small businesses, and startups to increase the visibility of time spent on tasks.

The unlikely entrepreneurial beginnings of Benjamin Moróne

While he was in high school, Benjamin Moróne got a first taste of his entrepreneurial zeal. He explains how he undercut what his school had to offer:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“My entrepreneurial spirit was kindled in high school, where I began by selling snacks, undercutting the school’s offerings.”

But he didn’t stop there. In fact, Benjamin saw this small business could grow into something much bigger:

Benjamin Morone headshot

This venture evolved into a clothing company, which introduced me to the power of Facebook ads. Realizing the need for a product with a higher Lifetime Value (LTV), I pivoted to a Facebook ads agency for private schools.

And that’s where it hit him — Benjamin realized that tiny steps could lead to huge revenues:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Despite being quite young, I understood that even a few conversions could significantly impact a school’s revenue. However, challenges in client acquisition led me to explore internships and sales roles, in an effort to hone my skills in negotiations and sales.”

When Benjamin finally finished high school, he started roaming Europe — a decision that led him to establish Zabota:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Post graduation from university and after some traveling across Europe, I founded Zabota — a global headhunting firm with a focus on staffing talent from LATAM, Central and Eastern Europe.”

A short period after it was established, Zabota bridged the gap between budding professionals and emerging startups:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“A year and a half after starting Zabota, we’ve been able to staff countless talented individuals into growing global startups.”

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How Benjamin Moróne made his breakthrough with Zabota 

Benjamin was always looking to make small improvements when striving to reach lofty goals. He explains how he wanted to create more opportunities by linking the right people with the right roles:

Benjamin Morone headshot

Zabota started because I noticed some problems in the recruitment industry, such as how they charge fees, guarantee results, and where they find candidates. My inspiration wasn’t from a love for HR but from seeing so many talented people during my travels who could fill the job openings I knew about.

Quickly after, Benjamin could see his company making a difference in the world:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“The best part of our job is telling someone they’ve got a new job and seeing how happy it makes them — it really shows the difference we’re making.”

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With Benjamin, it was less about inspiration and more about making things happen. In fact, he wanted to facilitate better conditions for startups and talented individuals to meet.

In doing so, Benjamin never forgot about the well-being of his employees. He allows his coworkers to work from home but says that this decision poses its own set of challenges:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Our team is fully remote. Sometimes, it can be challenging to get answers to matters in a specific time frame. Back when I worked in an office, it was easier to get someone’s attention by directly talking to them, as opposed to sending a quick message, but overall I prefer the remote culture.”

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How did Benjamin Moróne discover Clockify?

With his life and work motto being Act with speed, Benjamin insists that idle time is a huge time waster for many people:

Benjamin Morone headshot

This life and work motto is based upon my conclusion that people massively underestimate the time that they spend idling. When you first begin a venture there’s so many things that need to be done. Just tons of tiny little tasks that all need to add up before you can see a proof of concept of your business being real.

To get his business up to speed, Benjamin uses Clockify — a time tracking tool that allows him to track his time better.

LinkedIn mention of Clockify
Benjamin Moróne’s LinkedIn post about Clockify

Still, Benjamin can’t remember the actual situation when he first started using the app. But he said that one of the reasons he continued using the tool was the unparalleled support he received from Clockify’s team:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“I can’t remember how I found out about Clockify, but I signed up and have stayed with Clockify because of their team and fantastic support. The initial interaction I had with their sales rep was one of the most positive interactions I’ve had with a sales rep in my entire life.”

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Clockify features Benjamin enjoys the most

When he started using Clockify, Benjamin’s team was tiny. As the years went by and his team increased — they started using it daily. Benjamin says that Clockify’s trump card was that he could now see what everyone’s up to:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“I’ve really benefited from increased visibility on actions taken inside my company by me and my contractors.”

Let’s explore the features Benjamin and his team enjoy to boost their work performance every single day.

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Feature #1: Time audit 

Time audits belong to the most important Clockify features Benjamin uses to step up his work game and his personal life. He says that a time audit always helps him refine his productive habits and avoid distractions

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Clockify has revolutionized how I manage time, both personally and within my business. Initially, I overestimated my productive hours. A time audit using Clockify revealed the truth: a significant portion of my day was lost to distractions.”

Time audit
Time audit in Clockify

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Feature #2: Summary report

To break down the types of tasks and get a bird’s-eye view of his team’s work, Benjamin uses summary reports:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“We mostly use the summary feature to get a complete view of hours worked and break down the types of tasks people are spending their time on each day.”

Summary report clockify
Summary report in Clockify

To course correct if need be, Benjamin often does a short exercise that helps him spot bottlenecks:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“At the end of the work week, I typically look through where my team spends their time and if there’s anything out of the ordinary. If there is, I’ll ask team members about any bottlenecks, and we will brainstorm about how to increase efficiency. After I’m done conversing with the team members, I analyze my own time and take myself through a similar exercise.”

As a result, Benjamin says that this exercise brings him and his team to apply changes to their workflows:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“If there is consistently more time spent in one area than in the past, we may need to change some systems to make it more efficient.”

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Feature #3: Attendance report

Apart from auditing how they spend their time, Clockify helps Benjamin and his team better allocate time for their future endeavors:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Clockify helps me analyze and optimize my time allocation, ensuring that each day is spent productively. For my team, Clockify helps track work hours for payroll.”

Attendance report
Attendance report in Clockify

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While in the app, Benjamin can also set the cost and billable rates for his team’s projects, like below:

Billable rates
Billable rates for payroll in Clockify

But we were wondering how Benjamin and his coworkers actually track those hours. He said that Clockify’s timer is invaluable in this regard:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Myself and my team utilize the timer to track hours. It’s super convenient and I hardly ever forget to use it. If I do, it’s easy to edit and manually track the hours.”

Edit time manually
Edit time in Clockify

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Feature #4: Integrations

Besides the time audit and reports, Benjamin has found Clockify’s Airtable integration a powerful option:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“I am super impressed by the Airtable integration. The ability to track time on specific tasks from the Kanban board is great. It will allow me to get more granular with the time tracking. While using the browser version of Airtable I discovered I’m allowed to track time just by clicking on the Kanban card. This was a mindblowing discovery.”

Airtable integration with Clockify

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Who would Benjamin recommend Clockify to and why?

Benjamin has been using Clockify for quite some time, so he probably knows the app to its core. That’s why we wanted to learn whether he occasionally recommends Clockify to his peers in the industry. Benjamin told us that he frequently tells his clients about the app:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“I currently recommend Clockify to all of my clients because it is so simple to use. If you are a freelance, small business, startup, or growing team, it will help give visibility of time spent in your company’s day-to-day.“

Benjamin sees Clockify as a go-to solution for all things time management. Yet, he says that the app also allows him to be better at delegating tasks:

Benjamin Morone headshot

“Clockify especially helps when beginning to delegate as it helps you identify tasks that are most beneficial to delegate. When you look back on all of your activities over a 2-week period, Clockify makes it crystal clear what you should remove from your plate.”

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Use Clockify to reach your business goals 

You’ve seen how Benjamin Moróne and his team at Zabota use Clockify to make their lives easier.

In a nutshell, they can now:

  • Pay their staff more easily, 
  • Receive money from their clients in an eyeblink, and 
  • Track how they spend their work hours in easy-to-read reports.

Furthermore, you can now have Clockify together with a project management and a team chat app at a special bundle price.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s workflows and allocate resources better, now it’s your turn to get a piece of that cake.

Stefan  Veljkovic

Stefan Veljkovic is a work optimization aficionado who writes at the intersection of tech, self-help, and mindfulness. With a long-standing career in editing, writing, and translation, he thinks of himself as a word-lover. As a productivity author and researcher, Stefan has crafted countless articles on improving habits.


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