How Clockify helped a GMAT tutoring company called Apex GMAT record time for themselves and their clients.



Apex GMAT is a company specializing in GMAT tutoring. They focus on providing in-person and online tutoring sessions for students required to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), as well as other tests, such as the Executive Assessment test and GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).

Challenges Apex GMAT faced

One of the key challenges Apex GMAT faced was finding an app that could help their HR department with staff time management — i.e. with measuring hours and productivity.

Also, they wanted to measure time for their clients — i.e. how much time the clients are spending in sessions (in billable hours).

Solutions Apex GMAT found with Clockify

According to Apex GMAT, Clockify helps them have all time tracking data in one place — by allowing them to have two workspaces:

Apart from that, this team finds Clockify’s dashboard feature invaluable — because they can see all the time they’re spending on various tasks at a glance. Therefore, the Apex GMAT team can be better at planning their time and tasks at a team level — as explained by their Engagement Manager, Fatma Xhafa.

“It’s a great tool to increase productivity. It was difficult for me to manage how much time I was spending on specific tasks. And then, with Clockify, I started measuring everything and I created projects and tasks for everything I was working on.”

Who would Apex GMAT recommend Clockify to and why?

Here's what Apex GMAT’s representative has to say about who they'd recommend Clockify to:

“I would recommend Clockify to companies as it is very convenient for calculating billable hours and producing detailed reports, resulting in saved time. I would also recommend Clockify to individuals who would like to use it as a way to measure their productivity – mainly students and working professionals. They can track the amount of time they’re spending on certain tasks, as well as breaks.”

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